Tuition and Fees

2024-2025 Tuition

Please contact our Admissions Office (for new applicants) or the Business Office for assistance if you have any questions.

List of 5 items.

  • Tuition

    Day fees include the academic program, access to and use of our School network, textbooks, use of recreational facilities, daily lunch, day-to-day health care needs, and travel for the regular athletic and academic School program.

    Boarding fees
     also include laundry facilities and all on-campus meals.

    Day*BoardingInternational Boarding
    School Tuition Fees$24,650$51,750$72,500
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  • New Student Charges

    Application Fee (non-refundable)
    $100 for Canadian applicants/$200 for international applicants. The initial application fee covers the cost of processing the student’s application. This fee is applied to each application submitted.
    Legacy Fee (non-refundable)
    $1,000 for day students $1,500 for Canadian boarding students (must have Canadian citizenship to qualify) $2,500 for international boarding students. The Legacy Fee recognizes that King’s-Edgehill School does not receive any government funding and that our campus and facilities are a result of the legacy of generosity from past generations who have supported the School financially. As tuition fees cover operational expenses, the one-time Legacy Fee allows King’s-Edgehill School to build upon the legacy of our alumni, enabling us to grow our scholarship funds and improve the infrastructure of our School. The Legacy Fee is due upon acceptance from our Admissions Department and secures a place for newly accepted students at KES. This fee is not an advance payment of tuition and cannot be applied to other outstanding balances.

  • Discounts

    Sibling Discount
    To assist families with two or more children attending KES throughout the same year, we provide a reduction of 10% of the School fees for the second child in attendance and any additional child. These discounts will be deducted from the School fees and are calculated on the net School fees after deduction of any scholarship and/or financial assistance awarded.
    Early Payment Discount
    If all School fees are paid in full by April 1, an early payment discount will be credited to the student account, in accordance with the early payment plan.
  • Payment Options

    Payment of outstanding amounts is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and is on or before the dates listed in the tuition fee table or upon receipt of all other expenses.

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  • Miscellaneous Personal Expenses

    The School fees do not include purchases at the KES Supply Shop, IT Shop, School uniforms, shoes, other clothing or equipment, special activities such as plays, movies, weekend activities, optional trips, athletic tournaments, medical and dental expenses, medical insurance, physiotherapy, counselling, private tutoring, graduation and School pictures, visa renewals, career testing and university applications, dry cleaning, taxis and travel to/from the airport, pocket money, lost or damaged textbooks/equipment, damage charges, etc. These expenses will be charged monthly to the student’s account and are payable upon invoicing.
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2024-25 Financial Booklet

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    Our PDF handbook highlights all potential expenses and financial requirements for sending your child or children to King’s-Edgehill School.
King’s-Edgehill School is located in Mi'kma'ki, the unceded ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq People.