Learning Differences

Sometimes, being more means getting back to basics.

Our Dr. Martha Jodrey Centre for Success helps students and teachers embrace a deeper understanding of learning styles, and the unique supports each student needs to succeed.
In our first year of operation, more than 70 students were involved in the program. This represents about twenty percent of the School population. All students in our School are welcome to take advantage of the services and many students refer themselves for support by dropping in to schedule an appointment. Other students are directly referred by their teachers or are identified by parents as needing assistance or accommodation to achieve maximum success.
"The goal of the Dr. Martha Jodrey Centre for Success is to enhance the learning environment at King's-Edgehill School by supporting the exemplary practices of the academic classroom teachers."


The academic curriculum at King's-Edgehill is intellectually challenging and our students are capable, high functioning young people. There are many reasons, however, why bright, determined youth sometimes find the demands of schooling overwhelming. 
Sometimes the tasks of reading, spelling and writing are complicated by learning differences such as dyslexia. Some of our students have experienced difficulty with focusing in the classroom and may have been identified as having attention deficit disorder. Some students have specific problems with organizational tasks and need support to learn to use a planner, take good notes, keep supplies together, study for tests and exams and learn from feedback and reflection.
At King's-Edgehill, we believe that every student deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. Learning support and accommodation for individual needs are provided in all classrooms by all teachers. Providing this support encourages our students to become accountable, responsible, and knowledgeable advocates for their personal success.


The Dr. Martha Jodrey Centre for Success is committed to:
  • Helping students identify areas of strength and areas in which improvement is required.
  • Helping students develop study strategies that work for them.
  • Supporting students with reading, math and writing skills.
  • Helping students with organizational, time management and test-taking skills.
  • Providing supportive technology to enhance learning.
  • Working closely with faculty and advisors.
  • Communicating and meeting with parents.


Parents are encouraged to contact the Dr. Martha Jodrey Centre for Success if they have any questions or concerns about the support available for their child.
Individual or small group information sessions can be organized for parents, staff, and alumni to focus on specific areas of interest.

We are indebted to the many alumni and benefactors whose vision, determination, and support have truly enabled us to provide an unequalled level of service for our students through the Enhancing our Excellence Campaign.

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