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Ontario University Trip

Last Wednesday, 24 Grade 11 and 12 students awoke in the middle of the night to hop on a plane to explore the universities in Ontario. Upon landing, we headed straight for Western where we had a wonderful tour and lunch with alumni Ross Traves (2012-15), JC Simboro (2012-16), Carla du Toit (2012-16), Jenson Sham (2012-14), Brooke Belliveau (2009-15), Ella Han (2014-16), Fede Cisneros (2007-12), Jenna MacInnis (2010-14), and Will Pinsky (2012-15). Right after lunch, we made our way to Waterloo for a tour of their facilities and a visit with Emma Belliveau (2009-16), Nico Castro-Folker (2009-14), Angel An (2014-16), and Sihan Xu (2014-16). Exhausted, but inspired, we checked in to our hotel and headed for dinner. The next morning, we boarded a bus and toured the University of Guelph where we caught up with Masters of Chemistry student and alum Beka Boutin (2007-10), who also showed us around her lab. Our Guelph tour was followed by McMaster University. It was a glorious fall day and both campuses were stunning. At McMaster we had a chance to visit with Health Science students and KES alumni Michael Dennis (2009-15) and Sara Jones (2011-14). We made our way to Toronto and explored the Eaton Center before hitting the hay. A few of our students used this time to tour Ryerson University which was conveniently located across from our hotel. The next morning we made the trek to Kingston where we toured Queen’s University. We also met up with a large alumni group at Queen’s University, including Cooper Thomas-Clark (2012-15), Primrose Chareka (2013-15), Anna Killacky (2010-16), Madeleine Ahern (2009-15), Jack O’Flaherty (2011-15), and Cameron Wile (2012-16). After the tour we made our way back to Toronto where half of the group took in Cirque du Soliel and the other half watched the Blue Jays pummel the Yankees! The next morning we took a beautiful fall stroll to the University of Toronto were we were given a special weekend tour. We also had the good fortune of meeting up with alum Tony Ouyang (2012-13). Tony is a fourth year engineering student and associate researcher at U of T. We were able to tour his lab and hear all about his fascinating research into tumours. Our final day ended with a visit to the Ontario University Fair where all 21 Ontario universities had representatives present. Our students were such a joy to travel with. Day after day I was impressed with how attentive, enthusiastic and focussed they were! Although it was a busy four days, they all came back excited about the options they have for their futures.

Aynsley Sasaki
School Counsellor

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