Connect, Converse, Catch-Up – Sierra Lee ‘13

One thing about setting off on a hiking trip is that it allows you to reconnect with the importance of lifelong fitness. While hiking recently, I thought to myself that I would like to focus on doing fitness properly. When I played collegiate sports many years ago, proper training techniques were not as common. Young athletes today are well versed in nutrition, cardio, and weightlifting as a key to success and health. As luck would have it, the wonders of social media led me to a former student just as I was considering organizing my fitness regime.

Sierra Lee ‘13 is studying to be a chiropractor at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. An elite athlete in her own right, she had an exemplary career as a NCAA D1 hockey player at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She is currently making the transition to life after college hockey by training for endurance (marathons and triathlons) and designing programs for individuals hoping to improve their health and fitness.

Sierra kindly designed a program for me, customized for my needs while offering a challenge to meet her expectations. Sierra says adjusting to life after high-end sports is challenging; “Adjusting from elite sport-specific training to instead training for the longevity of overall health and wellbeing is a difficult transition. Likewise, beginning to train for overall health and wellbeing as someone who is a complete beginner is also very challenging. I am committed to empowering individuals and fostering their utmost potential regardless of their background with health and fitness.” 

One thing athletics have taught Sierra is that she is devoted to working in a field that promotes healthy living, personal care, and optimizing human performance.

If interested in working with Sierra, she offers a wide variety of options catered to your specific needs. Reach out via email at or send her a message on Instagram.

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