Teamwork and Camaraderie Shines Bright at Softball Regionals

After only a month of playing softball together, the senior girls softball team was able to place second in the pre-regional qualifier, allowing them to attend regionals in Barrington, Nova Scotia on May 26.

On Sunday morning, we set off to Barrington for our first game of the day at 12:30 pm against the Barrington Barons.

The team showcased exceptional skill and determination, making every inning a testament to our dedication and teamwork. Our stand-in pitcher, Sabine Wellard ’24, delivered consistent strikes, while the infielders executed flawless plays through the direction and guidance of our co-captain Brooklynn Hayman ’24. The first baseperson, Meaghan MacNeil ’24, was able to read the plays quickly and was able to make some great catches. The outfielders worked well at stopping the ball, running to bring the ball in quickly and efficiently. At bat, we connected with the ball solidly, sending it soaring across the field and bringing in a few runs. Despite our strong performance and teamwork, the opposing team managed to edge ahead with their strong hits and defensive plays. Although we lost, our spirits remained high, and we started to get ready for our second game against Middleton.

Next up, we were against Middleton High School.

In the first inning of the softball game, our team dominated defensively, displaying impressive skill and coordination with an outstanding “three-up, three-down” to start us off. Our pitcher, Gretchen Archibald ’24, fresh off her 4H trip to Ottawa, delivered a series of blazing strikes, leaving the opposing batters struggling to make contact. Our infielders executed perfect plays, fielding ground balls cleanly and making swift, accurate throws to our first base, while our co-captain Kate Lukeman ’24 made an incredible catch in the outfield! One notable hitter this game was from newcomer Cara Van Schaick ’25, who was consistent with her batting and was able to make it to first base every time she was up. Our seamless teamwork and sharp reflexes set a high standard for the rest of the game. However, as the innings progressed, the momentum began to shift. The opposing team gradually found gaps in our defense and capitalized on minor errors, managing to score runs and chip away at our confidence. Despite our stellar performance in the first half of the game and continued efforts, their persistence and strategic hitting led to our eventual defeat.

For our final game of the day, we played against West Kings High School.

At the start of the softball game, a wave of concern swept over our team as our star pitcher sustained an unexpected injury during the first inning, rendering her unable to play. Scrambling to adjust, we put in two new pitchers who bravely stepped up to fill the void, Sabine and Molly Dickinson ‘25. Despite their commendable efforts and flashes of brilliance on the mound, the abrupt change in our lineup disrupted our usual rhythm. The opposing team quickly adapted, capitalizing on the shifts in our pitching strategy and managing to score runs. Our defense worked tirelessly to support our pitchers, even executing the coveted double play by our short stop Brooklynn and first baseperson Meaghan, but the early setback proved challenging to overcome. Despite our resilience and the new pitchers' determination, we ultimately lost the game. The experience underscored the importance of adaptability and highlighted the challenges of sudden, unforeseen changes.

Despite the challenges we faced, our team maintained an unwavering positive enthusiasm throughout the day. The team, comprised mostly of Grade 12 students, was simply excited to be there and play, savoring every moment of their final tournament together. Their camaraderie and love for the game shone brightly, as they cheered each other on and celebrated every small victory on the field. The spirit of the team was infectious, turning what could have been a disheartening experience into a memorable and joyous one. This tournament was more than just a series of games; it was a celebration of their dedication, friendship, and shared passion for softball, making it a fitting and heartfelt conclusion to their high school sports journey.

The team travelled to Boston Pizza in Yarmouth to celebrate, where we were told that our students were one of the most well-behaved group of kids they’ve ever had in their establishment. This goes to show that their positive attitudes and respect go beyond the field. The coaching staff could not be happier for this group of amazing students. We wish the graduating players good luck with their future endeavors, and we are looking forward to next season with our returning players!

Hannah Maguire
Senior School Faculty

Athletics at KES
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