Junior School Science Fair 2024

On Thursday, February 15, our school gymnasium was transformed into an amazing gallery of science presentation boards and projects as the annual Junior School Science Fair got underway. It was hard to believe that the process that began with proposal ideas back in September, reached fruition last week as every student in the Junior School presented a project and responded to the questions posed by student judges from Grades 11 and 12. I couldn’t help but note that many of these volunteers were on the other side of the clipboard just a few years ago as they shared their scientific research with the  Senior School judges. 
The range of interests on display was impressive: there were topics from A (Aerodynamics) to Z (Zoology) and lots of creative ideas in between. What a great experience it was for every student to pursue their own scientific interest, to become knowledgeable in their chosen area of study, and to share their findings with others. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the students about their projects and learning so much from them. I was impressed by the pride the students had in their work and the confidence and poise that they displayed. They were the experts! 

I extend heartfelt congratulations to every student from Grades 6 to 9 on the successful completion and presentation of their projects. It was also a very special event for Mrs. Belliveau, as it was her final Junior School Science Fair in her outstanding 31-year career at King’s-Edgehill.  She was genuinely surprised when we presented her with the “Best Science Award Ever!”, a massive science fair ribbon and a bouquet of roses. Mrs. Belliveau is a legend at KES, and her inspiration and support to over two thousand students during her career is nothing short of remarkable. We will enjoy each day we have left together.

2024 Science Fair Awards:

Grades 6/7:  
First: Victoria Walsh ‘30  
Second: Lincoln Choo ‘29  
Third: Willoughby Larder ‘29
Grade 8: 
First: Isabelle Sampson ‘28 
Second: Duncan Grant ‘28
Third: Harlo Young ‘28 
 Grade 9:
First: Emma Walchhuetter ‘27
Second: Jonny Coldwell ‘27
Third: Ryan MacDougall ‘27

Honourable Mention:

Spencer Armstrong ’30 
Alethea Cheng  ’29
Lily Farias ‘30
Evie Lloyd ‘29
Harper MacInnis ’30 
Charlie McLoughlin ’30 
Ruari Ryan ‘30 
Sebastian Siu-Porter ‘29
Victoria Siu-Porter ‘29 
Paul Walchhuetter '29
Zoe Wellard ’30

Tracy Dong ’28
Emery Endres ’28
Sawyer Harris ’28
Garynn Power ’28 
Nadine Saleh ’28
Eli Strum ‘28
Fletcher Wellard ’28
Maggie Wellard ’28
Nathan Woo '28 

Lillian Blois ‘27
Micah Burch-Pottie ‘27
Alejandro Delgado ‘27
Rowan Francis ‘27
Julien Gingras ‘27
Harvey Hadley ‘27
Ken Hojo ‘27
Ali MacLean ‘27
Hugo Montgomery ‘27 
Laura Oulton ‘27
Kaz Pitre-Gunn ‘27
Bristol Quinn ‘27 
Alexander Slaunwhite ‘27
Anthony Wheeler ‘27 
Isaac Woodworth ‘27


Advancing to Regionals:
Grades 7-9: 
Julien Gingras (9) 
Willoughby Larder (7)  
Hugo Montgomery (9)
Bristol Quinn (9)
Isabelle Sampson (8)
Emma Walchhuetter (9) 
Isaac Woodworth (9)
Grade 6:
Spencer Armstrong
Harper MacInnis
Victoria Walsh

Taya Shields

Junior School Director

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