A Simpler Time

King’s-Edgehill School is proud to introduce its fourth Senior School play production, A Simpler Time, which brings together a group of passionate and dedicated students from Grades 10-12.
A Simpler Time is a collection of short comedies that is presented to you through the wonderful world of time travel. In an hour and a half, you will follow the lives of teenagers Marley, Chris, and Taylor who are desperately looking for a break from their chaotic, modern lives. With the world’s problems weighing heavily on their shoulders, they prepare to use a time machine to find “a simpler time”. They jump from a common household in the medieval ages, to a busy switchboard in the 1940s, and they even find themselves caught up in the future! A Simpler Time is brought to you by enthusiastic and spirited students who are bursting with bright talent.
In preparation for their shows on April 12 and 13, we are excited to present three members of our gifted cast and crew in the weekly newsletter to give you a sneak peek of the incredible talent you can expect to see! We hope you will support them by attending our performances in the spring.
Ezra Choo ‘26
This is Ezra’s fourth year at King’s-Edgehill and his first year in the Senior School. Outside of the theatre, Ezra plays guitar in the jazz band, comes to Improv Club every week, and is an enthusiastic member of the KES debate team. He made his onstage debut last year as Veruca Salt’s father in Willy Wonka and will be seen this spring in three roles. Ezra is far from a one-trick pony: earlier this year, he proved himself to be indispensable to the crew of Matilda, more than earning his title as next year’s backstage manager, a role usually reserved for someone in the graduating class. When asked what his favourite part of the theatrical process was, Ezra said “It’s wonderful how supportive and inclusive everyone is, and how so many different talents are showcased.” Break a leg, Ezra!
Alex Graham ‘25
In his five years at King’s-Edgehill, Alex has performed in three musicals and two plays, most recently as the doctor and Sergei in Matilda. Last spring, he appeared onstage as J. Finch, which included an impressive chase around the theatre and through the audience. His hard work, talent, and unparalleled dedication to every scene, no matter how ridiculous, have earned him four roles in A Simpler Time. Outside of the theatre, Alex is a member of the KES robotics team and helps with the Yearbook Club. He is looking forward to the many fun shenanigans his roles require of him, and he’s especially excited to “Thumb wrestle, and I mean wrestle.” He recommends that people join theatre because it leads to some of the most fun you can possibly have. Break a leg, Alex!
Lucas Martin ‘24
Lucas ventured onstage as Ernie Mac in last spring’s production of Puffs, and he is returning to the stage in his graduating year with two roles for A Simpler Time. Since his arrival in Grade 7, he has become a consistent helper in the sound booth, an eager member of the debate team, and an Executive Council Head of International Committee, which included emceeing for this week’s Cultural Fair. Lucas believes that everybody should try theatre, because if you love it, then you’ll want to do it again. He says that being part of a theatrical production lets him spend lots of time with friends, make new friends, and just generally have a lot of fun. He also credits the performing arts as helping with his public speaking skills, as it has helped him develop confidence. Good luck, Lucas!

Sadie Junger and Kate Lukeman
Senior Play Communications Managers

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