Alpaca Your Things – We’re Going on a Field Trip!

The Grade 10 media arts class has been busy exploring different units in photography, producing documentaries, and game design. One of the sub-units includes advertising, where students learn about the psychology and artistic composition behind successful advertisements. A unique opportunity recently presented itself when KES alumnus Mike MacDonnell ’08 reached out to see if any students would be interested in helping market his new business venture, Kennington Farms.
Kennington Farms, which is owned by Mike and wife Lindsay, is an alpaca adventure farm with big plans for the future. The farm currently offers guided alpaca walks, farm visits, and off-site alpaca rentals. But this is just the beginning for Mike and his young family, with plans to diversify his livestock, offer wedding packages and overnight accommodations through the development of on-site lodging.
Mike is also looking forward to the holiday season as he works to complete a trail in the adjacent forest that will be decorated with festive lights to spread the Christmas spirit. What makes this even better is that you can walk this trail with alpacas by your side who love to be fed and patted. These cute animals are incredibly photogenic, providing a unique experience and lifelong memories for all ages.
Students were tasked with conceptualizing their own projects in which they clearly defined goals and key performance indicators, serving as one of their major project assessments for this term. Ideas ranged from the creation of print advertisements to video commercials and taking over the Kennington Farms Instagram account to boost clicks, views, and community exposure.
We are grateful to Mike for this exciting partnership and co-curricular learning opportunity that allowed students to get their hands dirty while applying what they’ve learned in the classroom. Thanks for having us, Mike!
Sven Dietrich
Senior School Faculty
Head of Male Boarding
King’s-Edgehill School is located in Mi'kma'ki, the unceded ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq People.