Dear Terry

Dear Terry,

Thank you for providing the leadership that has inspired so many to make a difference for others. It is amazing to think that your single spirit has created a world of hope.

Since the beginning of our school year, King's-Edgehill students have embraced the spirit of Terry Fox by finding creative ways to raise money for cancer research: car washes, panini, pizza, and freezie sales; and online fundraising are some examples of their noteworthy efforts. On Saturday, September 9, two shifts of ten students bagged groceries at Atlantic Superstore in Windsor, raising awareness of the Terry Fox story and receiving donations for cancer research. The Superstore staff were impressed by the professionalism and engagement of our KES representatives. Not surprisingly, our volunteers far exceeded standard fundraising totals, raising over $1750 for cancer research. In addition, community members had an opportunity to sign the 2023 Terry Fox dedication board, honouring those loved ones impacted by cancer.

Heartfelt thanks are extended to our volunteers: Frances Aceron ‘24, Ezra Choo ‘26, Jessica Etou ‘24, Harvey Hadley ‘27, Brooklyn Hayman ‘24, Spencer Johnson ‘24, Sarah Leopold ‘24, Meaghan MacNeil ‘24, Rhya Martinello ‘24, Kristy Michaud ‘24, Clare Munro ‘24, Sofia Ning ‘25, Renee Olsen ‘25, Sierra Phillips ‘25, Gabby Shaw ‘25, Ava Shearer ‘24, Colin Stephens ‘24, Fox Sullivan ‘24, Emma Toope ‘24, and Anthony Wheeler ‘27. With the help of Ezra Choo ‘26, Nathan Dill ‘25, Harvey Hadley ‘27, and Sophie Thimot ‘24, the donation money was counted, and coins rolled in impressive time. It was a rewarding day of service for those involved.

Back on campus, it was our Terry Fox Dress Down Day on Wednesday, and our prefects did a fine job expressing their “Dear Terry” messages of inspiration to our student body. Frances Aceron ‘24, Graydon Spence ‘24, and Renee Olsen ‘25 shared their reflections on the impact Terry has had in their lives, followed by the prefect-led formation of the word HOPE by our student body on Tanna Turf. The drone photo was shared both provincially and nationally with the Terry Fox Foundation. It was a very successful initiative, and I commend our student leaders.

Please note that the 2023 Windsor Terry Fox Run has been rescheduled due to the inclement weather forecast this weekend. We look forward to gathering as a community on Sunday, September 24. I hope you can join us!

Taya Shields
Junior School Director

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