2023 Junior School Public Speaking Competition

Our annual Junior School Public Speaking Competition took place on Tuesday, May 16. While every student had an opportunity to deliver a speech to their classmates in English class, the numbers were whittled down to the final nine who presented their speeches to the entire Junior School and judges during our assembly this week. Good communication skills are invaluable in life and are so important for effective leadership. It is good to see all Junior students developing these skills and the confidence that goes along with stepping forward to express your ideas to others. I was so impressed as each of the contestants stepped forward and delivered their speech with conviction and to the best of their ability.

The topics were wonderfully diverse and included: “The Harsh Reality of Beauty”, “The Best Hockey Player of All Time”, “The Plague of Inequality for Women”, “The Evolution of Language”, “The Interdependence Between Physical and Mental Health”, “Avro Arrow Canada: A Missed Opportunity”, “Urgent Problem: Water Pollution” and “The Importance of Self-Confidence”. Each speech was unique and full of personal passion. Regardless of the topic, each chosen theme resonated with the speaker. The audience listened and learned; you could have heard a pin drop as each speaker presented. The judges certainly had their work cut out for them determining the winners. 

We will have to wait until our Closing Ceremonies on June 17 to hear who officially placed first, second and third; although, at the end of the day, all participants who stepped forward and delivered their speeches are winners!

Congratulations are extended to: Lillian Blois ‘27, Mollybeth Dickinson ‘26, Rowan Francis ‘27, Hunter Hood ‘26, Willoughby Larder ‘29, Angel Mtisi ‘28, Jack Ogden ‘26, Addison Smith ‘27 and Destiny States ‘26. Bravo!

Taya Shields
Junior School Director

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