Athletes of the Week

Athletes of the Week (AOW) are selected based on athletic performance and sportsmanship. Positive sporting behaviour is valued at KES and integral to our athletic philosophy and School mission statement emphasizing gentleness, learning, dignity, and respect. These student athletes also reflect the seven principles of “true sport” which states: go for it, play fair, respect others, keep it fun, stay healthy, include everyone, and give back.  

For the Week of May 1 – 7

Junior Boy – Rowan Francis ‘27 improved in swimming because of his dedication to daily improvement; from incremental steps that seem so small as to be easily missed. Yet, if an athlete is perseverant and sticks to the long term, then their goals will be met. In his most recent swim meet, he improved in five of his events. He did this by making daily improvements in both swim practice and in his dryland workouts. From someone who struggled with push-ups, he can now do many clap push-ups and will soon be able to do them behind his back. His leg raises have progressed such that he holds onto an eight-pound medicine ball between his ankles in order to be more of a challenge. One dedicated practice at a time, Rowan is bringing the best out of himself. Keep up the great work, Rowan!

Junior Girl – Sawyer Harris ‘28 has excelled in the equestrian program at a rapid pace and has demonstrated natural comfort and skill on a horse. Sawyer’s progress has been extremely notable, especially as she recently started jumping. We hope Sawyer continues to ride and learn the nuances of this sport!

Senior Girl – Abby Mercer ‘23 Like so many athletes before her, Abby came to KES for one sport, but ended up discovering a talent and passion for another sport. Abby is new to track and field, but she is heaving around the four-kilogram shot like a beach ball. She broke the big 10-metre barrier for the first time at the season opener meet held at Beazley Field. Better yet, this big throw earned her the big W. Great stuff, Abby!

Senior Boy – Clemens Dietrich ‘24 is new to track and field, but he has taken to it most keenly. At the recent track meet held at Beazley Field in Dartmouth, Clemens competed in javelin and high jump. His competitions went well as he jumped higher and threw further than what he had previously. The coaching staff never has to ask for his whereabouts during attendance taking as he is always one of the first on the Tanna Track, ready to go. Well done, Clemens!

For the Week of May 8 – 14

Junior Boy – Harvey Hadley ‘27 had an outstanding first day at the Kings-Hants District Track and Field Championship meet. On this first event of the day, he placed first in his 80-metre hurdles and ran to an all-time district record. Next up was his 400-metre dash where he placed second. Track and field is called that for a reason. Away from the track and onto the field, Hadley placed second among 38 in his junior boys long jump competition. A student-athlete first, Hadley missed the second day of the championship meet in order to attend the National Science Fair competition in Edmonton. Keep up the excellent work, Harvey!     

Junior Girl – Maanvi Manchineni’s ‘27 dedication to sports is commendable. Her go-get-it attitude was displayed greatly on Friday, May 12, as she ran track during the day and danced in the Dance Recital that night. She followed this with track again on Saturday. This is just what audiences get to see – the finished product. As a true athlete, many hours of hard work, preparation, focus, and practice went into these events. Besides athletically, there is also a needed balance of academics and rest. Despite this busy week and further preparation, Maanvi displayed great leadership skills by ensuring she stayed on top of her game, giving it her all regardless of outcomes, and supporting her peers throughout their performances too. She will be off to the regional track championships next week. Very well done, Maanvi!
Senior Girl – Claire LeBlanc ‘23 An athlete can enter a maximum of six events in track and field. Most are happy to just have a few events, and hopefully qualify for the regional championship meet in one event. Claire entered six events and earned qualifications in all six events. Outstanding! She placed second in her 800-metre run, second in her 80-metre hurdles (first time ever running hurdles), second in triple jump (first time ever), third in the 400-metre dash, fourth in long jump (first time ever), and she was a member of the gold medal winning 4x400-metre relay team. This is what can happen when you try new things. 

Senior Boy – Quentin Knauf ‘23 Each year of track and field someone wanders into practice for the first time and discovers that they have quite a talent for it. This year, that person seems to be Quentin. He had a spectacular 200-metre race at the district championships as we won by metres and metres. He casually walked over to the high jump, placing first in that, and he added a silver medal in his 100-metre dash. He was also a member of the 4x100-metre and 4x400-metre silver medal relay teams. This is what can happen when you play a variety of sports. We look to more success at regionals next weekend, Quentin!

Kim Walsh
Athletics Director

Athletics at KES
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