Artists of the Week

Each week, deserving artists who contribute to the artistic life of our School are featured. This week at assembly, we were pleased to recognize the dedication and enthusiasm of the following six visual art students:

For the Week of April 17

Zoe Steeves ‘25 is an extremely able, creative, and enthusiastic member of the Grade 10 visual arts class who takes a keen interest in art and is passionate about her artwork in all media. This term, she painted a scene of a skateboard park, the sun is setting and the focus in on the shapes of the structure which is covered with graffiti. Her attention to detail is stellar. Zoe is constantly drawing, designing, and creating. Congratulations, Zoe!

Charlotte MacPherson ‘25 has proven herself to be very motivated, a risk taker, and a very creative and overall amazing student. She is dedicated to learning and enjoys challenging herself with enrichment opportunities. Charlotte approached her projects with passion and enthusiasm. The painting that she completed this term was from a photo that she had taken, and it reflects good memories. Her attention to detail with the contrasting darks and lights is an accurate representation of the memorable scene. Congratulations, Charlotte!

For the Week of April 24

Nicholas Lowe ‘26 is a Grade 9 student who brings imagination and heart to drama. Whether he is improvising a short scene or spontaneously performing a sketch, Nic brings a mature quality of character that makes you want to watch his every move and follow his dialogue with intrigue and delight. In addition, Nic can read a monologue with meaningful emphasis and timing that gives a depth of feeling to his delivery. He is a great addition to our drama class.

Alonso Rubio ‘27 is a Grade 8 drama student who is a natural at delivery and performance when it comes to improvisation sketches or character delivery. He has a strong command of language and clearly articulates dialogue, giving shape to the beginning and ending of a skit through intonation, timing, pauses, and it is done so with emotion. He is a great addition to our drama class.

For the Week of May 1

Ann MacQuarrie ‘25 is a Grade 10 student from Mabou, Cape Breton which is rich in its musical heritage, and she capably keeps the home fires burning bright with her musicianship. Be it playing the fiddle, the guitar, the piano, or singing, Ann does it all with skill and passion. She is a featured student in her class ensemble and on occasion, other School functions. Congratulations, Ann!

Isabelle Sampson ‘28 is an extremely well-rounded student who enjoys and excels in many areas of study. It has been especially evident in the past year that she is a particularly keen music student. Isabelle loves to sing and shines brightly in Grade 7 music class. She always sings with confidence and plays violin on some of the tunes in class. Isabelle Is always willing to take on new challenges in music, whether that be learning a new line on her violin at the last minute or singing the harmony part of a song all on her own. Isabelle is part of the junior choir, as well, and is currently in the midst of rehearsing for two upcoming performances. As a great musician and a quick learner, Isabelle has been a pleasure to have in the music department this year, and we look forward to seeing her continue to thrive! Keep making music, Isabelle! 

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