Artists of the Week

Each week, deserving artists who contribute to the artistic life of our School are featured. This week at assembly, we were pleased to recognize the dedication and enthusiasm of the following two visual artists students: Lillian Blois ’27, Elynn Klein ‘28, Jacob Edgecombe ‘27 and Kate Lukeman ’24.
Lillian is a multi-talented student, involved in a wide variety of activities within our School. She has done a spectacular job at balancing all those commitments and excelling in all areas. In particular, Lillian performed incredibly well in the Junior School musical Willy Wonka Jr. Her portrayal of Grandpa Joe took a great deal of time and preparation as well as artistic skill. To navigate the challenges of learning lines for a character that is difficult to relate to, complex melodies, and stage directions is no small feat. Lillian did all these things and more, supporting her fellow cast mates in every way possible. Congratulations on a wonderful production, Lillian! 
Elynn has jumped into the arts with both feet this year! While she generally has a lot of athletic commitments, she has managed to balance those nicely with her role in the Junior School musical Willy Wonka Jr. Elynn’s portrayal of Mike Teavee was full of energy and personality. She took the initiative to learn her lines and music all on her own before even working on them in rehearsals. Elynn’s dedication to her role was evident in her performances during final dress rehearsals and the show’s run. She is a natural on the stage, and we can’t wait to see what she does next! Well done, Elynn! 
Kate is being honored for her outstanding work as a co-stage manager for the Junior School musical, Willy Wonka Jr. Kate has shown exemplary commitment to the fine arts Wednesday afternoons, working tirelessly and cheerfully with the Junior School students. She is an organized and reliable force, ensuring that all aspects of the production from props to mic switches were taken care of. Her creativity and hard work have been instrumental in the success of the production. She has been able to think of creative solutions to problems and offer guidance to the other members of the production team.
Jacob is an outstanding member of the stage crew for Willy Wonka Jr., and he is recognized for his dedication and hard work. Jacob is reliable and is always willing to take on any task. He is a great leader backstage, taking initiative to make sure that everything is in order and running smoothly, from carrying set pieces to organizing props to popping confetti cannons. Essentially, if there is something that needs to be done, Jacob is always there to take care of it. We are grateful for his dedication and enthusiasm, and he was a valuable part of the team. Congratulations, Jacob!
Stephanie Fillman
ELL Support Teacher
Voice Teacher

Arts at KES
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