Emerging Leader – Ezra Choo ‘26

When talking about leadership, the ones who often stand out the most are the ones who ‘step up’ because they see a need or want to help rather than want attention or praise. Ezra Choo ‘23 is truly the type of leader who has consistently stepped up this year to help others. Starting even before the school year began when he joined our Junior School welcome crew to help with opening day activities, Ezra has been a mainstay on the leadership and service scene in the Junior School this year. A devoted scholar, active peer tutor, engaged volunteer, committed member of our Junior School musical cast, and a budding debater, Ezra’s quiet but personable approach to leadership does not go unnoticed in the classrooms and corridors of the Junior School. A student here at KES since Grade 7, we are fortunate for all that Ezra brings to our community.
What does leadership mean to you?
I don’t think leadership has a single definition. In many ways leadership can mean different things. In general though, it always means doing good for others.

What are the traits or qualities of an effective leader?
Leaders listen to others, not telling people what to do, give others freedom to make their own choices but model the way. Peer tutoring is an example.

How do others describe you as a leader?
They would probably describe me as someone who is gentle and not abrasive in my approach. I hope they would see me as someone who can guide them to new ideas or ways of thinking about things.

Who do you look up to in terms of leadership?
The person I look up to the most in terms of leadership is my dad (Doug). He’s a doctor and needs to communicate well with people and sometimes has to deliver bad news so he needs to be compassionate. If he doesn’t communicate well or be kind then things could go bad for his patients and people might not trust him.

What are some of the challenges leaders face?
I think a challenge that leaders face is that sometimes they’re not the right person to help in a particular situation. You need to have an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can play to your strengths. Sometimes leaders need to admit when they need to step aside and support someone else who is better equipped to deal with a particular situation.

What are your goals as we continue the year?
I want to finish the Duke of Ed program and earn my bronze award. I also really want to continue to serve through volunteering because I’ve really enjoyed it, and it makes me feel good. Obviously, I also want to keep getting good grades, but I also would like to help others get good grades too.

What message would you give yourself in Grade 7 based on what you’ve learned so far?
I would tell myself that it’s really important to understand yourself. I would encourage me to be comfortable with who I was and to recognize my weaknesses so I could spend more time improving in those areas.
Rory Campbell
Junior School Faculty
Basketball & Rugby Coach

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