Behind the Scenes - Gordon McKenzie and Neville Sampson

King’s-Edgehill School is a dynamic community that provides its students with plenty of opportunity for growth, learning, and fun. While our teaching faculty, coaches, and houseparents are often seen as the ones central to many of these opportunities, there are countless individuals who work tirelessly ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure our students’ experiences are the best they can be.
To begin our series, we will meet two members of our maintenance staff, Gordon McKenzie and Neville Sampson. ‘Gord’, as he’s affectionately known in the hallways, has been a member of our KES community for 30 years now! As he would say, “I’m older than most of the furniture in the School!” Working closely with Gordo is Neville who has been on staff for nine years. Between Gord’s quick wit and jovial demeanour and Neville’s quiet but friendly approach, the two complement each other’s personality well. Just as the academic day is winding down and our students and faculty shift their attention from classes to sport to the end of their day, Gord and Neville are just starting their day as they move from room to room ensuring everything is in good order and dealing with any maintenance issues that may have arisen throughout the day. Always willing to help in whatever way they can, these two always greet our students with smiles and warm words. During their daily supper break, Gord has become quite famous on campus for knowing most of our houseparent’s and staff’s coffee and tea preferences and ensures they have a hot cup to go along with the good conversation.
Neville, from nearby Three Mile Plains says that he likes everything here at KES, but especially the conversation he has with his colleagues, the students, and teachers around the School and flashes a quick grin when asked about working with Gord everyday. Gord, on the other hand is from Center Burlington and before he arrives on campus for his afternoon to evening shift, he has already put in a full day’s work at his farm where he has a collection of tractors.
When students are in need of community service hours, they will sometimes work with Gord and Neville and often leave that experience with a couple of laughs, some life lessons and an increased affinity and respect for these two gentlemen. Whether it’s cutting a lock after a new student forgets their combination, or ensuring our academic spaces are ready for the next day, students and staff alike know that Gord and Neville are there to help and will do so with a smile on their faces.
Thanks for all you do, Gord and Neville!
Rory Campbell
Junior School Faculty
Basketball & Rugby Coach

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