Outstanding Wrestling Sisters

As the wrestling coach, I struggled with the fact that I could not attend nationals with Bella Turner-Galaise '22 as I was hosting our annual KES Athletic Banquet. And unfortunately, I will not be able to attend nationals with her sister, Beatrice Turner-Galaise '24, as it will be during our graduation/prize day ceremony on June 11.

Beatrice will be coached by the Team Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada Games coaches, and she will be representing Team PEI at the Canada Games, while Bella will be representing Team Nova Scotia (to be confirmed after the trials this coming weekend). At nationals, Bella was coached by a two-time Olympian who I facilitate and evaluate NCCP wrestling courses and coaches with, as well as a national team coach from the 2020 Olympics; both are from the Montreal Wrestling club, where alumnus wrestling star Riley Otto ‘10 started his university wrestling career. He has been invaluable helping Bella make contacts and advancing her development. Bella placed third overall at the national championships, and this qualified her to advance to the Pan Am wrestle offs. Juniors are a maximum of 20 years of age, and Bella would have been wrestling some of the very best in the country at the first and second-year university levels. Beatrice is in the juvenile age group with athletes up to 18 years of age. A few of our other juvenile wrestlers are committed to attending our prize day and will not compete in the Juvenile National Championships. Both national championships were delayed by months due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Beatrice and Bella have been wrestling two evenings a week in our wrestling room as well as attending other practices in Halifax, when available, as well as attending camps, competitions, and clinics throughout the country. The sisters also participate in their spring sports.

Bella placed second in the Pan Am wrestle offs. Absolutely spectacular! She arrived back this week and will attend the final Canada Games trials, along with Greg Otto ‘22, during the School Sport Nova Scotia (SSNS) provincial weekend on Saturday. There will have to be a balancing act for Greg as he is presently in rugby mode. Riley will cover for me and coach both Greg and Bella at the trials while I help with hosting rugby provincials.

Kim Walsh
Athletic Director

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