Faculty and Staff Morale and Welfare Service

Are you having a hard day in the classroom? Has that last piece of grass not grown right on the campus grounds, and you just can’t fix it? Are the assignments not getting turned in on time? Work just getting you down? The cadet office has come up with the ideal solution to solve all of your problems. Low morale, we have the answer. Having a dreary day, we have the remedy. Monday blues still hanging around on Thursday, the magic elixir is within reach. Are you ready for it, huh are you, huh?

Come down to cadet stores and fit Grade 7 students into Highland kit. You will have a blast! The therapy begins with the explanation of how to wear the hose top, followed by the flashes. This is easy because you have them right in front of you and you can observe them doing the action. Next comes the hard part. Now you make a quick trip down the hallway to get some spats. When you get back they have all left the fitting area. They are now fighting to get a peek in the mirror to see what they look like. Cardio kicks in as you have to chase them back to the fitting area for the spats. Okay, now you have them back and the spats are good to go with the buttons on the outside. Not quite, take them from the inside and bring to the outside. Okay, now we are cooking with gas. Stand them up and measure for the kilt. Oh oh, back down the hallway to get the kilt and you guessed it, off to the mirror again to see what the spats look like. Kick in the cardio and bring them back. Now put the kilt on. How come her kilt is lighter than mine? I think she is wearing a skirt. No really it is a lightweight kilt. Now we have cleared that issue let’s get you a sporran. Oops you guessed it, back down the hall and off to the mirror for retrieval. Okay Morgaine, you go down the hall and I will guard the mirror. No, they have knocked me off my feet and they are standing over me looking in the mirror. This may sound exaggerated to you but with an eight-piece uniform, we can write off the sports programme with runs to the mirror!

In the end when you see the product it is all worthwhile. Enjoy! Just another great day to be a Cadet in the 254!

Major Keith Hynes
Commanding Officer
254 KES Cadet Corps

Cadets at KES
King’s-Edgehill School is located in Mi'kma'ki, the unceded ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq People.