Meet the Cast and Crew of Clue

We are very proud to present Clue: On Stage (High School Edition) as this year’s Senior School play production. From acting to backstage crew, we will be highlighting and introducing some of the students involved in our show as the weeks unfold. Our students will share their thoughts about the play, their experience with the performing arts, and the importance of arts in their everyday lives. We hope you will support this dedicated team of staff and students by attending this fun production. The shows run from April 21-23.

This week we are highlighting Sadie Junger ‘24 and Emilio Juarez ‘24:

Sadie is from Nova Scotia, is in Grade 10, and is in her second year of KES. She enjoyed being a part of the Heathers musical and will be helping backstage for the upcoming production of Clue. Sadie likes how musical theatre brings together all the wonderful things about the arts and includes writing, design, and many more creative outlets. The arts keep Sadie entertained and helps to tone out the harsher aspects of the outside world. She enjoyed being involved in Heathers and has been in community theatre productions as a younger child as well as being an avid reader. Sadie recommends that people experiment with the arts because they give people a way to express themselves in new ways.  She is looking forward to seeing her peers onstage and thinks that being in the arts helps build confidence and allows you to become comfortable in unfamiliar situations. 

Grade 10 is Emilio’s first year at KES, and he is from Mexico. Emilio has watched many plays and has participated in one once before, in Grade 6. Emilio has decided to act in Clue because he wanted to try something new and different which allows him to leave an impact on the School even after he’s gone. He recommends that everyone participate in the arts because it can be a very rewarding experience in which one may meet new people, experience new things, and challenge themselves. Involvement in the arts can also develop one’s public speaking and general social skills, which are useful in all areas of life. Through the pandemic, he has taken the time to expand his musical horizons and has enjoyed this experience immensely. He is looking forward to getting along with his cast-mates, putting on a good performance, and most of all having a good time. 

Katie Hodder, Grade 11
Sadie Junger, Grade 10

The Arts at KES
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