Meet our Grade 12 IB Visual Arts Students

Our Grade 12 students in the IB visual arts and the academic art courses have come together this term to complete the International Baccalaureate visual arts programme. The students are preparing for their final exhibition and exam which will take place in April.
After the March break, our students will be focusing on setting up their exhibition, writing a rationale and exhibition texts, and uploading their artwork. In April, the exhibition will be displayed for two weeks in our Stanfield Dining Hall/McLellan Annex.
It has taken months of preparation, and each student is required to produce a number of studio artworks based on their direction or theme. This year, we have 18 Grade 12 students who will be exhibiting their work. The Grade 11 students will also take part in this exhibition by assisting the Grade 12 students with their displays, and they will also be given the opportunity to exhibit two of their artworks.
During the next month, we will be showcasing our artists in our weekly newsletter highlighting one of their favourite art projects they have completed during this two-year course. I hope you enjoy reading the profiles of our budding, young artists.
This week we are highlighting Annie Davies, Yutong (Jennifer) Liang and Ching-Hua (Kris) Chou.
Annie is from Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, and has been at KES for two years.
What artwork did you choose to share?
I have chosen to share my painting “The Waterfront with a Drunken Lamppost”, which was done with oils on stretched canvas. This painting is based on a photograph that my mother took at Lower Water Street in Halifax. This is the view at the wharf overlooking George’s Island (a national historic site). The photo was taken at sunrise. I am most proud of the background and the island in the distance. The past two years I have experimented with different media and styles of painting. Right now, I am working on a Peggy’s Cove scene on four canvases. All my work is regional and has been my interest since I moved here from the UK. In my upcoming exhibition, I have painted places that I have either visited or lived and have painted subjects that I have a connection to.
Jennifer is from Nanjing, China and has been at KES for five years.
What artwork did you choose to share?
I chose “The Family Portrait”, which was done in oil on canvas which is a painting of my family portrait to share with everyone. This portrait is taken from a photograph that was taken on a special family trip to Hebei, China. It was one of the only times that we were able to get together for this special holiday. In this photo are my parents and my grandparents, whom are all so special to me. During our IB exhibition, I will be showing my artwork which has been influenced by my family and my interests.
Next year, I plan to study landscape architecture.
Kris is from Taoyuan, Taiwan and has been at KES for four years.
What artwork did you choose to share?
I chose “Taipei 101” which is a pencil drawing. This building was the tallest building in the world from 2004-2007. It is now the tenth tallest building in the world. This is a very famous building in Taiwan, and it has inspired me to study architecture. I also chose this building to write and research for my comparative study in the International Baccalaureate visual arts course. After the research, I had discovered that it was built on soft soil, so the builders had to extend the foundation pipes to the sandstone which distributes the weight of the building and gives it the height.
My future plans are to study architecture.
Sandy Stewart
Junior and Senior School Art Teacher

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