The Simple Joy of Food

On Tuesday night, the boys of Middle Milner had a flat night that was evocative of the Omicron experience. In these turbulent times, with much uncertainty, we cling to what is familiar, constant, and within our control.

I offered to make a run into town for takeout: pizza, Chinese food, or McDonalds, to which the boys leapt at the suggestion. Prefect Bruce Zhang ’22 took the initiative and accompanied me into town to help with bringing the food to campus. Upon arrival back to the dorms, prefects Thane Morgan ‘22 and Juntaro Hattori ‘22 stepped up to organize and deliver food to their fellow flatmates. 

Sitting down to share a meal is a powerful social time. Food truly has a marvellous way of bringing people together. And while students ate in their respective rooms during prep, afterwards, the flat buzzed with such a tremendous familial spirit. Keeping ourselves socially distanced, and vigilant with masks, we took time to catch up and reflect on the day and to look forward to brighter days ahead.

We are blessed to have each other during such times as these.

Jonathan Cheverie
Junior School Teacher
Houseparent, Middle Milner

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