Grade 9 Emerging Leader – Yasu Hojo

The first Grade 9 Emerging Leader that we will focus on in 2022 is first year student Yasu Hojo. Although Yasu lives just a short walk from King’s-Edgehill School now, his road to becoming a student here was a unique one. Born and raised in one the world’s largest cities, Tokyo, Japan, Yasu and his family (including Grade 6 student Ken) moved to Charlottetown, PEI when Yasu was ten years old so that he and his brother could improve their English. Yasu noted that it was a “really big” change relocating, but despite the drastic change of scenery around him, one thing that was consistent was his love of baseball.

It was this passion for baseball, which he began playing in Grade 2, that brought him to King’s-Edgehill as he was impressed by the considerable programme that coach Trevor Wamback is building. Earlier this year, Yasu’s baseball prowess was recognized by Baseball Nova Scotia when he was named to the 2022 U15 provincial team! Since joining our Grade 9 class at the beginning of the year, it has become apparent that his skill and ability is not just limited to the baseball diamond as he has established himself as an academic and social leader within our Junior School community.

What does leadership mean to you?
I’ve never really thought about that, but I think it means doing special things, but also ordinary things. For example, maybe just participating in class and showing others that its okay to do the same. Stepping forward and going first sometimes can make it easy for other people to step forward.

What are qualities that a good leader should have?
I think trust is very important for leaders to have. They need to trust themselves and have others trust them. I think they earn that trust through honesty and kindness. I think leaders need to be both quiet and loud, depending on what’s happening around them. The last one would be that they need to try. They might not get it right, but they need to try.

How do you think your peers would describe you as a leader?
I think I am easy to talk to, trustworthy and reliable. Also, I think they would say I try my best.

Who do you look up to in terms of leadership?
I think I learned a lot of things from my family, but also people here at school. Vinnie (Armstrong) is someone who always participates, is not afraid to try, and does things to help people. Also, Kolin (Betts) on our baseball team is a really good leader. He is very organized and wants the team to be close and develop strong relationships.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome here at KES?
School can be challenging because my teachers expect a lot from us, but I know they want me to do well.

What are your goals for the rest of the year?
I’d like to get better in English. I have gotten much better, because I remember when I was younger people would ask me “How are you?” and I would respond “yes” because I didn’t understand, but I want to get even better than I am now. I also want to try to make a positive impact and make people’s days brighter.

Rory Campbell
Junior School Faculty
Basketball & Rugby Coach

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