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What a Day for a Run!

Photo recap: 
Natalia Shaw ‘27 takes the individual bronze medal of 90 runners; junior girls joined with Shaw to place second overall for silver medals (Ali MacLean ‘27, Maggie Wellard ‘28, and Laura Oulton ‘27).  This result sends them to Provincials next week. Sophie Christiansen ‘23, Paula Tschritter ‘23, and Bella Turner-Galaise ‘22 each finished among the top ten of the senior girls race and all qualified individually for provincials next week. Senior boys finished just off the podium in fourth as a team and qualified for provincials next week (Stanislav Matkovskyi ‘22, Owen Seely ‘22, Quinn Emery ‘22, and August Henrici ‘23). 
Oil Painting Recap:
There were 90 junior girls on the starting line for the first race of the Western Region Cross Country Championships at Osprey Ridge Golf Course in Bridgewater.  Natalia Shaw ‘27 was in tenth place after two kilometres but moved all the way up to the bronze podium position to finish third overall. Natalia was not the only clever Highlander to pace themselves perfectly as Ali MacLean ‘27 rounded the two-kilometre mark in 18th and then climbed to tenth position as she crossed the finish line. A week ago, these two were the junior girls team. On Wednesday of last week, and again October 18th, they were joined by Maggie Wellard ‘28 as she finished in 28th and Laura Oulton ‘27 in 38th. Thanks to their willingness to try, the addition of Maggie and Laura gave us the official minimum of four runners. The combined efforts of these four magnificent junior girls resulted in the reward of a silver medal team performance!
With 109 runners, the junior boys race was the most competitive of the six races on Monday. As he has each race this season, our junior boys were led by Ken Hojo ‘27 in 18th position. Not far behind Ken, and much closer than ever as he continues to get faster was Eli Strum ‘28 with a breakthrough race in 26th. Much like the junior girls, the junior boys of Hojo, Strum and Turner-Galaise have been battling shorthanded this season. Their fourth man came in the heroic stride of Westin Endres ‘26 as he gallantly agreed to make this, his first race of the season, finishing on the bubble of halfway at 55thFinn Turner-Galise ‘26 vanquished pre-race jitters to create his own victory story by overcoming them, placing 64th and helping his classmates to their first junior team finish in years. Our junior boys finished proudly in 8th of 14 teams.
The senior girls put on a show today over their six kilometres of racing. There are two ways to qualify for provincials. The first method is by earning a spot among the top 15 finishers. The second is by placing in the top five as a team (a minimum of four runners from the same school). As a team is usually the “easier” way to earn your ticket to the big stage. Injury kept Beatrice Turner-Galaise ‘24 from this race, but her contribution was the photos she took of her teammates. That meant that our three senior girls would all need to place in the top 15. They did that with room to spare. Leading the way was Sophie Christiansen ‘23 just off the podium in 4th position, followed closely behind was Paula Tschritter ‘23 in 8th and followed really closely behind (less than one second behind) was Bella Turner-Galaise ‘22 in 9th. Three fast young women all in the top 10, and all now qualified for provincials!
Competing in a field of 45 senior boys, our Highlander harriers had their work cut out for them over the six-kilometre course to qualify for provincials. Stanislav Matkovskyi ‘22 has been steadily moving himself up through the pack, and today was no different as he placed 17th. We run a 1500 metre course just off campus that we call the Magical Manning Metric Mile - you can tell by the name that most students don’t like this particular practice day. Second year XC runner, Owen Seely ‘22, had an amazing practice on Friday running these Manning Miles (his best ever), and he followed that up with a great performance Monday running to 20th. Third year KES XC runner, Quinn Emery ‘22, loves to challenge himself, and as a result has had a difficult time in years past staying healthy. Quinn is maturing as a runner and he wisely chose to hold back just enough to not hurt himself, but fast enough to help the team get to next week. Rookie runner, August Henrici ‘23 could be seen on the track doing laps to help prepare for Monday. August had a great race, and he was one of four reasons why our senior boys are heading off to provincials next week as they placed fourth overall.      
The Frame Recap
This day had so many people to thank: Mr. Mark MacLean for driving four of our junior runners to Brier Island after their race so that they could Be More, and to Mr. Pat LePoidevin for supporting them in their athletics. To Mr. Jonathan Strum and Mrs. Kim Strum for returning a couple of our junior boys to campus after their race so they could attend desired tutorial time and (more) sport time. To Mr. Kyle Endres ‘89 for his driving to make our junior boys a team. To Mr. Rory Campbell and his junior school cross country recruiting capabilities. To Ms. Taya Shields for all her behind the scenes invaluable work in the Junior School to make today such a success.
We next take to the greens at provincials on October 25 at the same location as today, Osprey Ridge Golf Course. 
Phillip Hadley
Senior School Teacher
Coaching Cross Country, Track & Field, Swimming

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