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Emerging Leader – Vinnie Armstrong

Vincent “Vinnie” Armstrong is our first Grade 9 student leader to be profiled in this year’s Emerging Leader column, and he is an exemplar of the type of student we have at the helm of our Junior School ship! Vinnie started with us in Grade 7 and hit the ground running as he immersed himself in all that we have to offer here at King’s-Edgehill. In his final year with us in the Junior School, Vinnie is hitting full stride. He is one of our most consistent readers during junior chapel and puts his considerable oration skills to work as part of our debating team where he earned a spot at nationals last year. Be it debating, science fair (participant at nationals), soccer (member of our senior boys division one team), or in daily school life, Vinnie is a leader in all he does.
What does leadership mean to you?
Leadership is providing a good example for others. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to assist with the Junior School Welcome Crew, so I could be a role model for new students. Also, I think it’s about giving your best effort because you’re not going to improve unless you put yourself out there and grow.
What traits are important for a leader to posses?
For me, I think leaders need to have confidence, be willing to take risks to try new things, and positivity because no one wants to follow someone who is always harping on them and being negative.
How does one develop the confidence needed to be a leader?
Confidence depends on the situation and activity, but ultimately is about practice. The more we do of an activity the more confident we will become.
How would others describe your leadership style?
I think it probably depends on the situation, but I think people see me as a positive and determined person in the things I do.
Who do you look up to in terms of leadership?
For me, I look up to my dad. He’s taught me to be positive with others and how it’s possible to be both positive and firm. In general, I like the idea of team captains and the role they play in lifting their teammates up.
What goals do you have for this year?
Firstly, I am motivated to do well in school and earn high marks. I’d also like to improve my placement at debating and science fair nationals. Winning the regional final in soccer would be great too!
What advice would you give to new students in the Junior School?
It’s helpful to think about school in two modes: school mode and relaxation mode. School mode is the time to focus on assignments, tests, and homework. By doing that you can then have time to relax, enjoy your time away from your studies and enjoy time with friends and other commitments.
Rory Campbell
Junior School Teacher
Basketball and Rugby Coach

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