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Congratulations Student Leaders!

At our full School assembly on Wednesday of this week, it was my pleasure to welcome Windsor Mayor, Abraham Zebian to our stage. Mr. Zebian presented sixteen of our Grade 10 students with certificates and pins for completing their bronze level in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program. These enthusiastic students earned their awards in the spring; however, distance-learning at the end of the year prevented them from receiving their certificates and pins at their graduation celebration. The internationally recognized Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program aligns very well with the core beliefs of King’s-Edgehill School and encourages students to “be more”. These students pushed themselves physically by completing two challenging hikes, working cooperatively on the meal preparation and planning for a camping trip, participating in their sports throughout the year, becoming skilled in cadet drill, and with the rest of their Grade 9 class, earned over 675 hours of volunteer service. I couldn’t be prouder of their dedication to this programme or of their service in the broader community. It was a challenging year for us all, but they approached every opportunity with a smile. These awards are a tribute to their accomplishments and were earned through hard work and diligence. Each student was presented with their certificate for framing and with a bronze pin which they can wear on the lapel of their blazers. Additionally, each student has now already earned a full Grade 10 credit for their efforts. I hope they will continue working toward their silver award this year.
Congratulations to the following students:
  • Danica Scully
  • Lucas Martin
  • Tanvi Manchineni
  • Emily Mei
  • Jessica Etou
  • Fox Sullivan
  • Elizabeth Hardy
  • Harrison Klein
  • Reegan Wagg
  • Fiona MacDonald
  • Eva Palov
  • Sabine Wellard
  • Sadie Junger
  • Claire Morton
  • Colin Stephens
  • Rendi Ashley
This year’s Grade 9 students are busy registering for their own awards, and I look forward to working with them. Already, they have hiked Cape Split together and are knocking on my door asking to take part in every available volunteer opportunity. I am looking forward to working with another great group!
Michelle Belliveau
Junior School Science Teacher
Head of Science Department
Volunteer Coordinator

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