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A Great Training Year for the 254!

Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases within the province, the Canadian Cadet Organization has deemed it necessary to suspend ‘in person’ Cadet training.  Therefore, there will be no Cadet Training conducted until our COVID numbers drop considerably.  While this is not good news, I want to reflect on the great training year we had. 
We were one of the only Cadet Corps in the country to conduct a formal Remembrance Day Ceremony.
This year we increased the variety and the scope of our training to include cycling as well as various aspects of outdoor survival.  Most Cadet Corps in Nova Scotia and the rest of the country did not get an opportunity to train together as a team.  They did it all virtually on a computer screen.  We were able to get out on Wednesday afternoons and actually experience the activities.
We had a great day at the Winter Carnival.  The events were competitive and sometimes silly, but everyone had fun doing them.  I saw lots of spirit in our Corps. I was proud of each and every one of our Cadets.  Well done. Senior Day Boys rock?  I think the whole Corps rocks.
In March we held the annual Cadet Mess Dinner.  The limitations of COVID-19 forced us to modify our numbers as we could only sit 100 people.  This year we were limited to the senior ranks of the Corps plus our Grade 12 Sergeants and the Colour Party.  The meal was beautiful, the entertainment was spontaneous and most enjoyable.  Melanie Bent, Sarah Bell, Victoria Dubois and one of our newest Cadets, Hannah Koppernaes stole the show that evening.  Those people fortunate enough to attend had a great time.  Those of you who could not attend, I know you were there in spirit, and I hope that you can be there next year.
Due to our outdoor gathering limits, the Annual Cadet Review and Inspection must be cancelled for this year.  We will still do a ceremony to present our Cadet trophies to select members, but it will be reduced in scale to fit the requirements of the pandemic.
Finally, from a social aspect I feel it is necessary to cancel the Cadet Ball.  I know in my heart that you were looking forward to this event.  Ethan and Noah had produced some great music and videos for the swing dancing.  Sarah Bell conducted some fantastic swing dance classes.  Ms Sullivan recorded the attendees and their guests.  I applaud their efforts in preparation for the main event. 
Wear your masks, wash your hands, social distance and stay healthy.  The Corps is strong, and it is still a great day to be a Cadet in the 254.
Major Keith Hynes
Commanding Officer
254 King’s-Edgehill School RCACC

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