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Maximo is a Spanish word: It means: “maximal” or “peak”

Mr. Lakes shares his weekly conversation with former KES student and head boy, Federico Cisneros Sanchez (2007-2012).

Maximo is a Spanish word: It means: “maximal” or “peak”. 

Although Fede is just beginning his ascent, he is well prepared to begin his professional climb. He recently launched his business Maximo Mental Performance from his base in London, Ontario.  Fede has finished his Master's Degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Sport Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, and he now has a clear idea of what he wants to accomplish using what he calls the Maximo Mentality to reach peak performance.
As a Mental Performance Consultant: “I want to help athletes maximize their athletic potential by helping them reach beyond their physical skills and unlock their mind's full potential,” says Fede.
I remember Fede arriving on our campus in September of 2007.  A boy from Mexico City with mental and physical maturity beyond his years, Fede arrived with a plan to study for one-year abroad. That one year turned into an extraordinary adventure for Fede and his family as they have become an essential thread within the fabric of the King’s-Edgehill community ever since.  Fede played a myriad of sports, excelled academically, and became the Head Boy in the Fall of 2011. That “one-year adventure” became a new life. 
His parents eventually immigrated to Canada where they have been a wonderful addition to Nova Scotia. His mother Clara is on Faculty at KES, and his father, Federico Sr., works locally and is the omnipresent photographer during key ceremonies and events on our campus.

Fede’s interest in sport psychology began at King’s-Edgehill School where he worked with Mr. Guy Payne (Staff 1967-2011) on visualization and thinking and realized, “I’m into this!”  Perhaps this visual and mental work prepared him to execute key points with kicks during the Rugby Team’s Provincial Championship victory in Cape Breton in 2012.

Fede then gravitated to the Kinesiology Department at the University of Western Ontario, where he found inspiration and guidance under the academic supervision of renowned Mental Performance Consultant and Canadian Rugby Hall of Famer, Dr. Natascha Wesch.

In light of lockdowns, Fede may feel as though he is a well-prepared mountaineer at a base camp, awaiting the weather to clear for his ascent.  However, if there is one thing that COVID-19 has made apparent, it is that we all need to be mentally prepared for not only sports, but the game of life.

Recently, I have been passing along Fede’s website to schools in Mexico City as his bilingualism and credentials are appealing to teams and organizations in that metropolis. There is a hunger for excellence and self-improvement on the horizon as people all over the world envision reaching their maximal potential.  Fede will surely play a role in guiding people to the top!


Kevin Lakes
Junior School Teacher
Junior School Athletics

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