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Almost Maine - Meet Our Cast and Crew

Almost, Maine has been one of the top high school play productions for the past few years, and it offers a collection of short love scenes, exploring new-found love, long-lasting friendships that take an exciting leap of faith, or partnerships whose love has dissolved over time. With the world’s problems weighing heavily on our shoulders, our Senior School students present uplifting and inspiring stories that remind us of the good things in life. Even when faced with adversity, love will find a way. Almost, Maine is brought to you by enthusiastic and spirited students who are bursting with bright talent. Thank you to our backstage members Sarah, Lily, Maeve, and Qiaoman for interviewing the cast and crew and for writing Newsletter articles each week. 
In preparation for the shows on April 21st and 22nd, we are excited to present three members of our gifted cast and crew to give you a sneak peak of the incredible talent you can expect to see!
Tait Adamson is from California, this is his first year at King’s-Edgehill School, and he is in Grade 11. He thought that the play would be fun and joined it. He unfortunately got a concussion a few weeks ago and cannot act. He decided to do backstage instead. He got into theatre in Grade 8 when he had drama as a class. Tait is doing the Senior Play as a way to have fun during the pandemic. As he said, “I think theatre productions are a great way to make new friends. I am looking forward to working with sound.” He is excited to be working even though he is unable to act. He is an outspoken person who will always speak up when he has ideas. He doesn’t like to sing so; he prefers to do plays over musicals. He recommends doing plays as he believes that everyone should do this at least once to develop skills in speaking.

Annie Ince is a wonderful member of the backstage crew. She is in the IB theater programme and it is her first year helping out. “I just like the theater arts and it interests me; the backstage crew is what brings everyone on to the stage.” Annie also joined backstage because it gives her more experience with theater and the knowledge she gains can really help her out if she chooses to continue with theater. She finds the most important part about helping with backstage is being on time when bringing out props. This is because the entire play depends on having these props at the right moments. 

Qiaoman Tracey has always liked the arts, music, and theatre. She got into it because she thought it would be fun. Qiaoman also acted in the middle school theatre. She likes acting, singing, and performing. She enjoys the social aspect of being in the play and feels accomplished when it goes well. Right now, Qiaoman is stage manager. The first time she was on stage was for Aladdin Junior. She was scared but also excited. “I had a blast performing in front of people for the first time and acting on stage with my friends.” She would recommend it. “It is a good experience to go on stage and become someone else,” she states.

Toven MacLean (Class of 2001)
Senior School Teacher
Senior School Play Director

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