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Winter Carnival for our 254

Winter Carnival is a touch and go event in Nova Scotia from year to year.  In the past, the 254 has celebrated and competed at the events on green grass on frozen ground.  Cadets hurtling down Front Hill on frozen plastic sheeting is just another way of approaching the situation.  This year we once again planned for a green grass event.  Then we had the wonderful storm to end all storms on Sunday past.  All of my neighbours looked at me as I smiled behind my snowblower.  I just kept telling them what a great Winter Carnival we were going to have. 

Behind the scenes, Ms Morgaine Sullivan and Ms Monica Schafer were busy designing programmes and prepping timetables and scoresheets.  Our DSM, Jiahuan (Edward) He was putting together Emergency Response and Communication plans. Our Headquarters CQMS, WO Maya Faucher was coordinating equipment lists with the Platoon WOs.

Winter Carnival morning turned out sunny and cold, and our cadets were in great spirits.  The Senior Day Girls marched out of the Academic building with their chant of SDG.  They were followed closely by the drumming and chanting of the Senior Day Boys or SDB.  We all expected great things from the SDB having watched their spectacular training video during Assembly.  The flats and houses were in fine form looking for easy victories where possible.  Then the impossible happened.  The Staff team showed up on the Blind Volleyball court and walked away with the early victory.  As the day unfolded, victories were racked up, hot chocolate was consumed, Twila and her staff gave us great chicken and poutine, and we had lots of fun.  We rounded out the afternoon with a great show from the Magician/Juggler for the Junior School who just happened to be the Hypnotist for the Senior School.  Who knew that Nathan Carter could speak Chinese?

All good days come to an end and all competitions have a victor.  This year the powerhouse Senior Day Boy crew were once again victorious.  A great honorable mention must go to the Junior Day Girls who scored a solid 5th place finish.  Well done to all!  Winter Carnival at King’s-Edgehill School! What a great day to be a Cadet in the 254.

Major Keith Hynes
Commanding Officer
254 King’s-Edgehill Cadet Corps

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