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Beaver Computing Competition Success

Throughout the year, our students take part in a variety of challenging University of Waterloo mathematics competitions that are written globally.  The first such competition this year was the Beaver Computing Challenge that took place in November. Students in Grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 rolled up their sleeves and turned on their laptops or tablets to take part in this contest.  This 45-minute competition consisted of 15 logic problems and was completed in the computer classes of Ms. Cummings, Mr. Spengler, Mr. Campbell and Mr. Hollett.  Students exercised their best reasoning skills and raced the clock as the minutes ticked away on the screen in front of them.  Like many of the other University of Waterloo CEMC (Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing) contests, the Beaver competition focuses on problem solving with an emphasis on computational and logical thinking.  The problems are always interesting, and some can be quite challenging.  Questions are inspired by topics in computer science with a comfort level in general mathematics curriculum required.  Over 15,000 students across the country took part in the 2020 Beaver Computing Challenge.  Once again, many of our students performed above the national average.  Congratulations to our top KES contest scorers:

Grade 9: 
1st Place: Sadie Junger
2nd Place (tie): Jessica Etou & Lucas Martin
3rd Place: Sabine Wellard
Grade 8:
1st Place:  Kai Choo
2nd Place:  Matthew Power
3rd Place:  Alejandro Vidal
Grade 7:
1st Place:  William Larder
2nd Place:  Hunter Hood
3rd Place:  Ezra Choo
Grade 6:
1st Place:  Anthony Wheeler
2nd Place:  Isla Dove
3rd Place:  Ali MacLean

Practising sample University of Waterloo contest problems is an excellent form of mathematical enrichment.  There is a plethora of contests available on the University of Waterloo website; I encourage all students to have fun trying some of these.  In addition, we look forward to continued virtual events in 2020-21, including our next Dalhousie University Math Circles seminar on Wednesday, December 16.  Interested students in the Junior School can see me about the online registration.  

Missing from the photo is William Larder (1st place Grade 7).

Taya Shields
Junior School Director

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