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Meet IB Artist - Teagan Meyer

I hope you enjoy our virtual exhibitions. We admire not only our students' skills and creativity but also their courage in sharing their work with us. Please join me in congratulating our 2020 IB Visual Arts students on their hard work and achievements.
I would like to introduce IB Artist: Teagan Meyer
Figure 1: Drawing Project
The inspiration from this sketch was taken from an unknown artist in Holland. The reason this piece resonates so much with me is due to the fact that my grandfather was from Holland and he lived on a boat that looked very close to the one in the sketch. The sketch was made with simply an H2 pencil. The most difficult part in drawing it was ensuring the proportions were correct. The way in which I did this was by dividing the page into four quadrants to ensure that I wasn’t making it too large or too small.

Figure 2: Sketch Anatomy
This project was very interesting for me because I’ve always been fascinated in human anatomy, in particular bone structure. My goal for this project was to experiment with the human figure and its bone structure. I began by sketching out the bones from the waist up to the shoulders. Once this was done, I began to experiment with ink. This was very difficult for me due to the fact that I had never worked with ink on any of my previous projects. This was a very fun project for experimentation and in my opinion turned out very well.

Figure 3: Inspiration
Vincent van Gogh’s “Head of a skeleton with a burning cigarette” was a big inspiration for me when it came to human anatomy and specifically the structure of bones in the human body. I found his painting so interesting that I painted my own version of it which you can see on the top right corner.

Figure 4: Painting Project
To start this project, I began by sketching the shape of the motorcycle (1931 Indian Scout). The sketching of the rough shape of the bike was probably the most difficult part for me. I wanted everything to be perfectly proportioned so that there were no problems later on. Taking the extra time and detail on the sketch insured that I had no problems with my proportions and that I wouldn’t have to go back and fix anything relating to the actual structure of the bike.

Figure 5: Final Stages
To get the blurred effect of motion like Balla, I used a squeegee and an assortment of acrylic paints overtop of the oil paint of the motorcycle. I pulled it over the bike to give it an effect of movement. I also decided to squeegee the foreground and the background for added effect. The final thing I did was splatter white paint across the painting towards the back to give an added effect of motion, texture and detail.

Sandy Stewart
Visual Art: Grades 8, 9 and 10
IB Visual Arts: Grade 11 and 12
IB Examiner, IB Workshop Leader Cat. 1 ,2 and 3
KES Yearbook Advisor

You’ll find countless opportunities to express your artistic interests at our School. The arts make up one of the essential four pillars of a King’s-Edgehill School education.

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