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Biathlon Alive and Well at the 254

Pumped up and energetic, the Biathletes from our 254 Cadet Corps attended the Zones Competition in 12 Wing, Shearwater on November 17, 2019. Biathlon combines two separate disciplines: skiing and shooting. Now, we are not talking classic, cross-country, but rather a specialized, skate-ski technique. After a hard round of skiing, Biathletes then have to control their heart rate and let their body relax to the point where they can fire off five well-aimed shots, hopefully, between heartbeats when the body is at full rest. In order to level the playing field and ensure that every competitor has a fair chance, Zones Competition is a combination of running and shooting. Our team consisted of Edward He, Eva Redmond, Lucas Gimenez, and Jayden Morrow, led by our team captain Madison Taljaard. Madi is well known on both the Provincial, National and Canada Winter Games circuits as a force to be reckoned with in this disciplined sport. The day started out with a confirmatory check of the air rifles followed by lane selection for the shoot and then on to the races themselves. The guys and gals ran their hearts out coming up with some excellent results. Madi Taljaard beat out a field of some 40 competitors in the Ladies field to place first and capture the GOLD Medal. She shot clean, hitting every target and outdistanced all of her competitors. Lucas Gimenez also fought hard amongst a field of 45 in the Men’s competition, ultimately demonstrating a great level of fitness and placing first in a beautiful GOLD medal finish. Edward He, who is new to the sport this year, ran a very respectable race, capturing the BRONZE medal for third place in the competition. Both Lucas and Edward would also use their combined times and shooting to capture GOLD in the Open Male race. Jayden Morrow, a second-year veteran, also captured BRONZE in the Ladies division showing some great shooting and excellent running. Eva Redmond, in her first ever Biathlon race, did not medal but ran a great race and shot a very respectable 8 out of 10 targets.

At the end of the day, five happy cadets and a proud coach hopped into the van and made their way back to our campus. Everyone had a fantastic day filled with fresh air and lots of fun.

Just another great day to be a Cadet in the 254.

Major Keith Hynes
Commanding Officer
254 King’s-Edgehill School
Cadet Corps

There are ten modules to the empowering Cadet Corps at KES including the Confidence Course, On Tree along with other unique opportinites. Find out what being a Cadet will mean for your child by downloading the Cadet Corps PhotoJournal.

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