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Career Night 2019

On Monday, November 4th, Jenn Shaw and Heather Strickey from our Advancement and Alumni Office hosted KES’s annual Career Night for Grade 11s and Grade 12s in collaboration with School Counsellor, Mrs. Aynsley Sasaki. At this year’s Career Night—which we are so pleased has become a dependable annual event— we hosted 12 professionals from four (broad) fields—Health, Business & Entrepreneurship, Applied Sciences, and Arts & Social Sciences.
This year, the group of speakers for the evening included:

Layla Green (2009-15), Dr. Karl Logan (Parent of Evan, Jem, and Zach), and Jennie Weisner (our new School Physical Therapist) as the Health Professionals;

Devin Lake (2000-02), Anton Nestel (2000-06), Thomas Cook (2002-04), and Graham Roy (1998-00) for Business and Entrepreneurship;

RJ Redden, Mike Gallant (Parent of Eleanor [2011-15] and Grace [2015-21]), Jenn O’Brien, and Krista Rector-Gilroy as the Applied Sciences Professionals;

and Dom Fegan (2001-2007), Monica Clarke Johnson (Parent of Isaiah Johnson [2019-23]), and Jennifer MacDonald (2004-05) as representatives of the Arts and Social Sciences.

The evening followed a “speed dating” format, organized with groups of Students rotating through 8-minute mini-seminars with the various speakers. After 8 rounds of these shorter sessions, the floor opened to a longer, open session which gave Students a chance to go back and engage more with anyone they had other questions for.

At KES, we are so blessed that when we reach out to members of the School Community for those who might be interested in participating in Career Night each year, we have more volunteers than there is space and time to accommodate in just one evening. Because of this, and because of broad Student interest in speaking with those who have careers in their respective fields and professions of interest, we are beginning to ramp up the KES Mentorship Programme.

If you are a member of the KES Community—be that an Alum, Parent, or Friend of School—interested in speaking with Students as a mentor, please reach out to Sarah Mack in the Advancement & Alumni Relations Office—by email via, or by phone at 902-798-2278 ext. 2258. We will be looking to start matching mentors and mentees in the New Year!

Sarah Mack (2011-12)
Administrative Assistant
Advancement & Alumni Office

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