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Soggy Wet Happy Runners!

On Tuesday, October 2, we had the privilege of hosting the annual KES Cross Country race with more than 160 runners. Competing in soggy, wet conditions, our 14 athletes represented our School well. It’s important to note that for 7 of the 14 runners, this was their 3rd race in 7 days. With the comfort and support of competing in the friendly confines of our campus, our athletes put in a solid effort.

Jenny Zhang (Gr 8) was our lone Junior runner and had lots to be happy with today as she tackled the final hill and 200m of track with apparent ease. Her confidence and ability has grown steadily over the last few weeks. The remaining 13 runners (7 boys and 6 girls) competed in the Intermediate and Senior race of 5 km. Our first across the line in a quick race was rookie harrier Keegan Gilbert (Gr 11) (12th overall) with an impressive time of 20:37. This came after he finished his practice with the Boys’ Prep Hockey Team 30 minutes before. Edward He (Gr 10) continued to demonstrate mental determination as he finished with a time of 21:26 while also battling other ailments. Andrew Atwood (Gr 11) is quickly finding his stride (pun intended) and has experienced growth over his last 3 races. David McCurdy (Gr 12) easily wins the award for mental fortitude after falling 200m into the race, ripping open his knees and continuing to a very respectable finish. Gavin Liu (Gr 11), Spencer Lockyer (Gr 12) and River Qi (Gr 10) would round out the boys’ side with respectable finishes.

Our lady harriers ran very well and represented KES proudly. In fact, all of them finished close to one another. Fresh off a strong showing in Maine, Aria MacDonald (Gr 10) raced to a 2nd place effort (21:36) in a field of Intermediates and Seniors. Not far off of her was Lindsay Hogan (Gr 12) (3rd) with a time of 22:04. Within a minute of her was Antonia Ziegler (Gr 12) (23:10) and Amelia Humphries (Gr 12) who made her Cross Country debut. Although new to Cross Country, Madison Taljaard (Gr 11) is no stranger to competition and used this experience to her advantage today pushing through for a respectable effort. She was all smiles at the finish and is eager to get back out there. Despite higher ambitions, Sarah Lynch (Gr 12) did not finish the race as she would pull out due to injury.

While Coach Robinson was busy on the finish line, I was out in the trees with a golf cart making sure no one got lost (for long). I drove 5 laps of our 5km course and definitely started wondering about how much, or how little fuel might be in the tank. I saw exceptionally little of the race as Meet Director and I have yet to chat with any of our runners as I have tabulated the results and crunched a few numbers – so thank you, Mr. Robinson for the above recap. Here is what I have seen in the last several hours – BIG improvements:

Edward He removed 1:56 from his time last year
Gavin Liu sliced 2:27 from his 2017 effort
Aria MacDonald chopped 1:51 from her 2017 race
Lindsay Hogan diced 50 seconds from her 2017 performance
Antonia Ziegler upped her game a bit as she clobbered away 9:49 – yes, nearly 10 minutes!

Perhaps the best news is that MacDonald and Hogan both ran under the course record that was held by Alumna Meredith Chambers (2012-18)! The only downside is that our harriers were second and third, respectively. Better than breaking the course record, between those two and Amelia Humphrey and Antonia Zielger,we placed our four scoring runners in the top 8!

I also saw a full KES team effort to host this meet today. Our Deputy Headmaster, Mr. Glen Faucher was on the course as a safety officer, along with Ms. Karen Jones who made sure those who ignored the Back Gate Closed sign paid better attention to not running over our runners. Our Head of Maintenance, Mr. Marshall Davidson (and Chris, Johnny, and others, I’m sure) was outstanding in his support of our team both today and in the days of work to get here. Thank you to Ms. Janice Kleiner for her recreational volleyball volunteers, Mr. Jason Verryn-Stuart for his fitness facility volunteers, Mr. John Kennedy for his swimming volunteers and Ms. Stephanie Cummings for her dance volunteers and thank you to Mr. Kim Walsh for all his support as Athletic Director and today with Mr. Sven Dietrich and the Senior Boys Soccer Team for making space for us on our new soccer turf and track – and thank you Headmaster Joe Seagram for that new soccer turf and track. Thank you also to Coach Guy Payne for his support and cheering today and always.

The amazing route that we take for these races would not be possible without the kindness given by Dill Family Farm, Mr. Danny Dill, and by Ms. Teresa Sanford on behalf of the Gladys M Manning Memorial Home to use their properties. Thank you.

The team will take these lessons and experiences with them to Horton on Tuesday, October 9th after a restful long weekend. Come cheer us on!

Phillip Hadley
Math 11/12/Calculus Teacher
Head Coach Cross Country and Track and Field
IAAF Level V Endurance
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