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KES wrestlers win 6 medals at Regionals

K. Walsh
Nathan Danquah and Tea Racozzi win gold at Regionals.
KES Wrestlers won 6 medals at the recent Regional Wrestling Championships. Team Captain - Nathan Danquah and junior Rookie Tea Racozzi each won GOLD to lead the team. Nathan won GOLD in our KES match of the day in the finals of the 100 kg class, against a grade 12 student from Parkview who he lost to in our tournament in January – his only loss to a N.S. high school wrestler this year. Nathan was dominant and was able to win by technical superiority. As a young grade 10 student he will lead our team in the upcoming Provincial Championships March 4 and 5th. Tea won three tough matches with a sore ankle, which she sustained earlier in the week. She wrestled her first match in order to qualify for provincials and she was determined to complete the day, with her bruised foot and ankle. She got better and more determined with each of her three victories.
Alex Ondo won BRONZE with only one loss on the day, against the defending provincial champion. It was a close match and Alex is definitely getting  better since she has started to commit more to wrestling. She has been snowboarding and training for provincial rugby throughout the winter. Definitely one of the most offensively dangerous female wrestlers in the province. Brisnel, one of three who qualified but will miss provincials for an opportunity to hike Kilimanjaro, won BRONZE after wrestling some tough competition in the weight class above his own. Josh Mills won BRONZE after losing his first match against the fellow he lost to in the last tournament final. This time Josh through him for 4 points and was close to pinning him. A close loss. Josh wrestled a tough match in the 3rd place fixture, winning by superiority with 25 points in offense in the match. Samantha Ho also won BRONZE in another great tournament. She lost a close one in the last seconds to put her out of second. She is always learning and never gives up. The other qualifier who will be rounding out our small KES provincials team is Marlene Karpa who will compete in the same weight class as Samantha. Melanie Griess, who also qualified, is one of our wrestlers who will join the Kilimanjaro trip. Provincial Championships are at Forest Heights.  The tournament direct link is: 
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