The Doctor's Office

For those students who require medical attention, Dr. Nova Zhao, has a clinic at the school three to four times per week. In addition, Hants Community Hospital is less than five minutes from the School and provides emergency care to students, when needed. Occasionally, students may require medical appointments with specialists in Halifax or Kentville. It is expected that parents/guardians within a reasonable driving distance make the appropriate transportation arrangements for their son/daughter and accompany them to these appointments. For the benefit of our students from afar we, or an appropriate staff member, will accompany the student to his or her appointment when necessary. In this instance you may be billed for transportation and time costs. The School also has a shuttle service, at a cost, for students who are able to attend appointments on their own.

It is of paramount importance that we receive up-to-date medical information as soon as possible. This information is to include allergies, past or present illnesses, immunization status, and each student’s provincial health number with the expiry date (Canadian residents). For those students who have Canadian health card numbers, please ensure that we have the expiry date, as it is required by the Capital Health Authority to complete its billing process. If we do not have your son’s or daughter’s Provincial Health number, you will be billed for any doctor’s visits or treatment at Hants Community Hospital or affiliated medical care facilities. For non-Canadian residents, these costs are covered by the Health Insurance Plan offered through the School. If you (Canadian residents) have extended health coverage such as Blue Cross or Maritime Medical, it may be helpful to give us this information to cover any prescription costs, which may be incurred throughout the year; otherwise you will be billed for these costs. For new students, this information is all requested on the medical form, required to be completed upon acceptance to the School. For returning students, we request that you provide us with:  a current provincial health number and expiry date and any changes in information so that we may keep our records updated in the case of an emergency.
King’s-Edgehill School is located in Mi'kma'ki, the unceded ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq People.