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History of the Corps

The Cadet Corps was started in 1881 and consisted of about two dozen cadets. The uniform was a double breasted navy blue jacket and trousers with a white peaked cap. The uniform was very similar to that still worn by Naval officers, and while the Corps was undoubtedly very smart, it could hardly be called dangerous as its rifles were made of wood! In 1910 the uniform was changed to knee breeches, khaki jackets, puttees and forage caps. At this time the Corps became affiliated with a Reserve force unit of the Royal Canadian Artillery, with headquarters in Windsor, Nova Scotia.
In 1921, during the Headmastership of the Rev'd William Wallace Judd, the uniform was once again changed to that of a Highland Regiment. As Reverend Judd had close affiliation with the MacKenzies, the tartan adopted was that of the clan. Despite the fact, however, of the Corps being Highland in appearance, the affiliation remained with the Artillery. Records also show the Corps being affiliated with the Second Battalion Regular West Nova Scotia Regiment during the 1940's. In 1960 Mr. John Derrick became Headmaster and felt that, without being disloyal to former affiliates, it was essential that the Corps should be affiliated with a Highland Regiment. Negotiations were entered into with General Blackader, at that time Colonel of the Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, and approval was given that the Corps would be officially affiliated with the Watch.
All students between the ages of twelve and nineteen participate in the School Cadet programme once every week. The Corps normally numbers around three hundred and thirty in strength and is organized into two Rifle companies and three Platoons each; a Band, a precision Drill Team, and a School Flag Party. The leadership positions are filled by the students based on their ability, previous performance, and experience. They are guided and supervised by Cadet Instructor Cadre who come mostly from the School teaching staff.
The King's-Edgehill Cadet Corps is unique in that a large number of the students are outfitted and parade in full Highland Dress Uniforms, making an impressive group of young citizens displaying a dedication to continue the proud heritage of one of Canada's oldest Army Cadet Corps, as well as its affiliation with the Black Watch (RHR) of Canada.
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