Miscellaneous Personal Expenses

The School fees do not include purchases at the KES Supply Shop, IT Shop, School uniforms, shoes, other clothing or equipment, special activities such as plays, movies, weekend activities, optional trips, athletic tournaments, medical and dental expenses, medical insurance, physiotherapy, counselling, private tutoring, graduation and School pictures, visa renewals, career testing and university applications, dry cleaning, taxis and travel to/from the airport, pocket money, lost or damaged textbooks/equipment, damage charges, etc. These expenses will be charged monthly to the student’s account and are payable upon invoicing.

Student Accounts for Personal Expenses and Other Charges
All personal and other expenses are charged directly to individual student accounts. These costs fluctuate widely between students, due to different levels of involvement in athletic, outdoor, and educational activities, as well as spending habits. A monthly statement is forwarded to parents and/or guardians, and payment is due upon receipt. The School reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 1% per month on balances past due.

Student Charges
Standard charges apply to many or all students. Amounts are estimates and subject to change.

School Uniforms$500
Athletic Uniforms$560
International Health Insurance
Required if unable to
provide proof of Canadian medical insurance coverage
Technology Fee*$250
Year Book$75
IB Programme Fees
Total estimate for Grades 11 and 12 combined
Student Visa/Study Permit Renewals$300 + application fees
Day Student Bus Service$15/day 1st child
$8/day 2nd child
Package Handling Fee$5/package

Technology Fees
*The Technology Fee for the 2021-2022 School year will cover the following services:
  • Help Desk support for BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop)
  • Loaner laptop in the event that a student’s personal laptop requires repairs or replacement
  • KES User Account and Exchange mailbox
  • One (1) TB Cloud Storage with Microsoft OneDrive
  • Office 365 subscription
  • Installation of course-specific software, if required
  • Access to printers and all printing costs
  • Other IT-related advancements within the School

The Technology Fee does not include:
  • Student’s personal laptop
  • The cost associated with the repair/replacement of a damaged device or defective personal laptop

Third Party Services
Other student charges can include dry cleaning, healthcare, dental costs not covered by insurance, taxis, computer repairs, other transportation, postage and/or couriers’ costs, University Application fees, Career Testing, etc.

Optional Organized School Trips
Costs for trips during School breaks, long weekends, and at other times will vary depending on destination and duration. Costs for these trips are payable within 30 days from registering to secure participation in the trip and must be made by a credit card. 

Package Handling Fee
The Package Handling Fee is a charge that is billed to students’ accounts based on the number of packages delivered to campus. This fee will be charged to the student whose name is on the package. Student accounts will be billed monthly at a rate of $5 per package. 
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