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Welcome from the Headmaster

You know that voice inside your head telling you to jump higher, work harder, score better, think deeper, dream bigger, sing louder?

What about that urge you’ve always had to push your limits, challenge your thinking, build incredible friendships and seek out experiences that are…well, extraordinary?

We’re happy to tell you that voice inside you urging you to be more will be right at home here.

I write this message to you not just as Headmaster of King's-Edgehill School, but as a parent. My wife Belinda and I live on campus and our children have all attended the School. We have seen for ourselves how enriching and fun our School is, and we love the way our children embraced the challenge of 'more': doing more, competing more, caring more, and learning more. Their journey here is as much a part of my confidence in the School as the experiences enjoyed by children of every other KES family. Nothing compares to being immersed in the excitement and energy of the daily routines of King's-Edgehill School.

As much as I personally love our campus and appreciate our superb facilities, what impresses me most is the quality of the people who work with such unsurpassed passion and professionalism. Dedicated to the ideals of gentleness and learning, dignity and respect, the staff ensures that the School is a safe place – emotionally and physically – for all students. This makes it home for everyone.

KES is a diverse educational community. Students from throughout Canada and across the globe (29 different nations this year) come to challenge themselves in the classroom, or in the Theatre, the Concert Hall, the Art Studio, in leadership, the Chapel, or the playing fields – sometimes in all areas of School life! The student body is composed of boys and girls of all ages and all backgrounds. It is a truly unique family.

The achievements of our students are remarkable. Scholars and athletes and musicians and artists abound. As a parent, I was thrilled that my children’s friends were focused on excellence and achieving their best in all areas of life at KES. What they learned here has benefitted them immensely in their post-secondary lives.

I hope that you will come and visit our School and see firsthand why this is such a spectacular place. It is our home too.

Mr. Joseph Seagram
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KES inspires academic, athletic and artistic excellence with a commitment to the traditional community ideals of gentleness and learning, dignity and respect, so that students may discover and cultivate their unique potential, prepare for post-secondary education and develop a life-long enthusiasm for the spiritual and intellectual growth necessary to flourish in the contemporary world.

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King's-Edgehill School is a coeducational boarding and day school for grades 6 through 12, located in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada.