Life is an Adventure with the 254 KES Highland Cadet Corps

It’s a great day to be a cadet in the 254! This is a familiar saying that you heard Major Keith Hynes say many times over the years!

This is a very, very busy time of year with IB, rugby, expeditions, provincial competitions, Cadet Ball, and annual Cadet Review. Last week, 71 Grade 10 students completed their two-day Cadet Gold Star Expedition. It was held at the very scenic location of Falls Lake. The Cadet Gold Star program is nationally recognized and prepares students for leadership roles in the cadet program. A part of completing this program is an expedition.

Completing the expedition was challenging and rewarding at the same time. It was cold but there was a level of resiliency to keep going. Upon arriving at Falls Lake, Grade 10 students set up their tents and got themselves familiarized with the camp routine. After getting settled in, cadets would cook their lunches on portable stoves, out of Individual Military Packs (IMPs) which are military rations.

After a hot meal, it was time to head out for activities. Cadets were divided into groups and had the opportunity to participate in all of the exercises. Groups had the experience of learning from canoe instructors and how to paddle and safely use a canoe. Once the cadets launched their canoes in the water and were paddling there were a lot of smiling faces. Cadet Makayla McDonald '26 tried to hold back a smile that went from ear to ear in a very scenic picture that was taken. I do think that smile managed to escape!
Another group hiked up to Mount Moses. Cadets had an amazing opportunity to explore and learn outside in the great outdoors! It’s a great time to be a cadet at King’s-Edgehill School learning life skills. There was a level of mastery in starting fires and most campsites had well-lit fires as the sun went down.

Leadership from the cadet ranks was provided by Pipe Major Master Warrant Officer Ezra Sasaki '26 and Warrant Officer Will Larder '26. They rounded out our Grade 10 students as the highest-ranking cadets. They did a great job stepping into their roles at Falls Lake. Our very own Lieutenant Karen Jones was one of our team leads. It was great to work with her and the other expedition officers, they all set very high standards for all to achieve.

Upon arriving back from the expedition, it was time to get ready for the provincial marksmanship competition. In February the top shot in the 254, Warrant Officer Ann MacQuarrie '25, had placed first overall in zone (regional) marksmanship and advanced to provincials. She now had an opportunity to compete at the provincial level for the second time. Ann was well prepared to compete and improved on last year’s performance where she placed in the top 25 to now finishing in the top 10!

Some other highlights have been the numerous Honour Guards that have welcomed guests from here and abroad. With many events happening on campus, our cadets have proudly presented themselves in full Highland Reds to give a friendly KES welcome!

Recently, you have likely noticed that Lieutenant Karen Jones is in a Canadian Forces (CF) uniform on Wednesday afternoons. She has re-enrolled into the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC). She brings a vast amount of experience to the cadet program as a biathlon coach and is also our Director of the Arts!

Officer Cadet Meghan Keoughan has enrolled in the CF! We welcomed her with a formal swearing-in ceremony which the Commanding Officer officiated and the Head of School witnessed. Well done!

Stay tuned for next week's newsletter about the formal Cadet Ball which takes place today, Friday, May 3, 2024. In just a couple of short weeks, we will have our annual Cadet Review on the evening of Wednesday, May 22, 2024. This is the year-end ceremonial parade that all cadets in our school participate in.
There is much to look forward to this spring! As you’ll fondly recall Major Hynes said, “It’s a great day to be a cadet in the 254!” Indeed, it is an adventure!

Captain James Skafte
Commanding Officer
254 King’s-Edgehill School Highland Cadet Corps

King’s-Edgehill School is located in Mi'kma'ki, the unceded ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq People.