A Simpler Time

King’s-Edgehill School is proud to introduce its fourth Senior School play production, A Simpler Time, which brings together a group of passionate and dedicated students from Grades 10-12.
A Simpler Time is a collection of short comedies that is presented to you through the wonderful world of time travel. In an hour and a half, you will follow the lives of teenagers Marley, Chris, and Taylor who are desperately looking for a break from their chaotic, modern lives. With the world’s problems weighing heavily on their shoulders, they prepare to use a time machine to find “a simpler time”. They jump from a common household in the medieval ages, to a busy switchboard in the 1940s, and they even find themselves caught up in the future! A Simpler Time is brought to you by enthusiastic and spirited students who are bursting with bright talent.
In preparation for their shows on April 12 and 13, we are excited to present three members of our gifted cast and crew in the weekly newsletter to give you a sneak peek of the incredible talent you can expect to see! We hope you will support them by attending our performances in the spring.

David Akinboro ‘24
This is David’s third year at King’s-Edgehill and he will be part of the graduating class this spring. He will appear onstage in A Simpler Time, and he also studies the backstage process in his IB theatre class. Outside of the theatre, David is an eager addition to the Debate Club and a creative problem solver. He is a well-rounded member of the KES community and is looking forward to participating in his first play. David says it is a great chance to bond with his friends and will give him a chance to demonstrate his performing skills in front of an audience.  
Mollybeth Dickinson ‘26
Mollybeth is in her fourth year at King’s-Edgehill and in her first year in the Senior School. She has become the third member of the senior play communications team with no hesitation, jumping right into the process of interviewing her fellow cast and crew members. As well as her involvement in the Senior School play, she is an internationally competitive member of the debate team as well as an avid public speaker. She recommends that people get involved in the arts because it helps to make you a well-rounded student. Thank you for all of your hard work Mollybeth! 
Skye Hussey ‘26
This is Skye’s first year at King’s-Edgehill as a Grade 10 student, and she started off strong with her role as Nigel in Matilda. She is also a huge help in the Junior School musical and is involved in the theatre group Quick As A Wink outside of school. Skye is a very accomplished musician as she is in the choir and part of our cadet mill band. She is involved in many other extracurriculars such as the student marketing team, Improv Club, and Dance Committee. Skye says that she loves the friendly and inclusive nature of the arts community and that it is great for anyone looking to build their confidence, time management skills, and a strong work ethic. Thank you, Skye! 
Sadie Junger, Kate Lukeman, and Mollybeth Dickinson 
Senior Play Communications Managers

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