Meet our Grade 12 IB Visual Arts Students

Our Grade 12 IB visual arts students are preparing for their final exhibition and exam in April, so please mark your calendars for our Opening Night Reception on Thursday, April 11. The exhibition will then be displayed for two weeks in our Stanfield Dining Hall/McLellan Annex.

After March Break, our students will focus on planning their display, writing a rationale and exhibition texts, and uploading their artwork. It has taken months of preparation, and each student is required to produce a number of art works based on their own direction or theme. This year, we have 26 Grade 12 students who will be exhibiting their work. The Grade 11 IB art students will be assisting our Grade 12 students with their displays as well as showing their work.

Until the art show, we will be showcasing our artists in our weekly newsletter highlighting one of their favourite projects during this two-year course. I hope you enjoy reading the profiles of our young artists. This week, we are highlighting Andy Cho '24, Gintaro Takatsu ’24, Ming Yan ’24, and Kate Lukeman ’24.

Andy is from Seoul, South Korea, and has attended KES for two years.

What artwork did you choose to share?
I have chosen to share my printmaking artwork titled Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul Korea. I wanted to try using a new medium, so I decided to try printmaking. I chose the building, Gyeongbokgung Palace since it is in my hometown of Seoul. The palace is an example of ancient architecture in Korea. I thought using printmaking would emphasize the architectural structure of the building.

The palace was the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty. The palace was built in 1395, and it is the largest of the five palaces built by the Joseon dynasty. It was the home of the royal family and the seat of government. It is known as Korean architecture.

After designing the drawing of the building, focusing on the light, darks, and the shape of the structure. I then carved the image on a linoleum board. After the carving was completed, I then printed the board using black ink. I made multiple prints using different types of paper and different colours. I chose to share the print on tan paper because it reminds me of the richness of the building and its architectural design.
Future plans: I plan to attend university and play hockey in the fall.

Gintaro is from Tokyo, Japan and has attended KES for four years.

What artwork did you choose to share?
I have chosen to share my transfer project titled Kiyomizu Temple. I wanted to try using a new medium and researching a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan.

The temple was built in 778 AD and is one of the most famous images of Japan. I decided to look at the construction of the three-story pagoda, it is one of the tallest of its kind in Japan, standing at 31 metres high. The current structure dates from a reconstruction carried out in 1633, when its original red colouring was also restored. The photo that I used focused on layers of the roof of the pagoda. The colours that I chose were warm colours, red in the Japanese culture is associated with strength, joy, and happiness.
Future plans: I plan to attend university in the fall.

Ming is from Beijing, China, and has attended KES for three years.  

What artwork did you choose to share?
I have chosen to share my transfer project titled Opera Singer. I wanted to try using a new medium, and an image from my Chinese culture. That is why I chose to do a transfer project with mixed media.

I was influenced by a photograph that I had seen of a famous opera singer in China. The opera singer's image has very similar characteristics, which vary depending on the character they portray. It depends on the makeup and the colours that they wear. For example, wearing the colour red means the character is joyful. Most of the makeup opera singers wear is to bring focus to the features of the face.

In this artwork, I transferred the image and then built it up with watercolours. The colours that I chose were a reflection of the character the opera singer is portraying. Throughout the year, I have also been experimenting and improving my Chinese watercolour brush techniques. I will also be putting these watercolours into the exhibition.
Future plans: I plan to attend university in the fall.

Kate Lukeman is from Port William, Nova Scotia, and has attended KES for two years.

What artwork did you choose to share?
I have chosen to share my oil painting titled Rescue Mission on Eight Lake Island. I had taken this photograph on Eight Lake Island, with the sun going down. The painting depicts my cousin getting into a rubber boat. I have always wanted to do a painting of this photograph.

I have been influenced by the American artist, Edward Hopper and Nova Scotian artist, Alex Colville. This was the style that I was inspired by in my work. I was attracted to the warm colours, the attention to detail, and the focus on the event. I also researched these artists for my comparative study.

Throughout my work in the IB visual arts program, my focus or thread was “Home”. Starting with my self-portrait, the theme was carried through in a quilt, and my other artworks. This allowed me to research and become more knowledgeable of my ancestry.  
Future plans: I plan to attend Acadia University in the fall.

Sandy Stewart
Fines Arts Teacher

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