Junior School Halloween House Spooktacular

Monday, October 30, was anything but a usual day on campus.  It was a dress-up day instead of the more conventional dress-down day, and the theme was Halloween! The fun began first thing in the morning as a steady flow of wonderfully creative costumes paraded past the chapel receiving line: there was a huge Tyrannosaurus rex, a beautiful monarch butterfly, sumo wrestlers, pirates, the Monopoly Man, a superhero, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, the Queen of Hearts, Ninja Turtles, an avocado, a few witches, Marie Antoinette, the Cookie Monster, Grover, and Elmo too, and so many more! It was quite a display of creativity and innovation, and the buzz of excitement lasted throughout the day.  
After uniquely productive time in the classroom, all students gathered in the athletic centre for the annual Halloween House Spooktacular. The parade of costumes was impressive, and the judges recognized the following students as the House winners in the annual costume competition:

Grade 6: Spencer Armstrong ‘30 (Cactus with “free hugs”) – Tupper House
Grade 7: Chelsea James ‘29 (Monarch butterfly) – Judd House
Grade 8: Isabelle Sampson ‘28 (Marie Antoinette) – Haliburton House
Grade 9: Kaz Pitre-Gunn ‘27 (Spooky man with cane) – Howe House
Honourable mention went to: Frances Grant ‘30, Link Choo ‘29, Rachel Hilborn ‘28 and Isaac Woodworth ‘27.
The glass in the entranceway of the athletic centre almost shattered as contestants gave their shrillest renditions of their best screams for the judges. The competition was stiff, but the judges awarded first place, by grade, to the following students:

Grade 6: Ewan Shaw ‘30 – Haliburton House
Grade 7: Alex Feng ‘29 – Judd House
Grade 8: Sawyer Harris ‘28 – Haliburton House
Grade 9: Lillian Blois ‘27 – Tupper House
Laughter echoed throughout the gymnasium as students performed their best death scene for the Junior School spectators. The judges chose the following students as the winners in each grade:

Grade 6: Ewan Shaw ’30 – Haliburton House
Grade 7: Ruari Ryan ‘29 – Judd House and Alethea Cheng ‘29 – Tupper House
Grade 8: Duncan Grant ‘28 – Howe House and Nathan Woo ‘28 – Haliburton House
Grade 9: Kelsea Griffiths ’27 and Emma Walchhuetter ‘27-Tupper House
The fun continued with organized games including a photo scavenger hunt, a pumpkin carving competition, and some sugar cookie decorating. It was a full afternoon of thrills and chills and lots of fun. Here are the other House winners for pumpkin carving:

First Place: Natalia Shaw ‘27, Lily Lloyd ‘28 and Isabella Barker ’27 – Howe House
Second Place: Grace Roddis ‘27, Bristol Quinn ‘27, Luis Manuel Vallejo Muniz ‘28, Paulina Viesca Rodriquez ‘28 Tupper House
Third Place: Elyn Klein ‘28, Dulcie Upton ‘28, Sofia Toledo Calderon ’28 – Haliburton House
At the end of the day, everyone agreed that it was a Halloween party that we would all remember. Special thanks go to our Junior School prefects and judges, Sadie Junger ‘24, and Misaki Takizawa ‘24, and to our Grade 9 organizing committee led by Ali MacLean ‘27 and Maanvi Manchineni ‘27
Taya Shields
Junior School Director

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