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The IB Visual Arts Exhibition and Exam

Our Grade 12 students in the IB Visual Arts class and the Academic Art course have come together this term to complete the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts programme. The students are preparing for their final Exhibition and exam which will take place in April.  After the March break, our students will be focusing on setting up their exhibition, writing a rationale and exhibition texts, and uploading their artwork.
In April, the exhibition will be displayed for two weeks in our Stanfield Dining Hall/McLellan Annex.

It has taken months of preparation, and each student is required to produce a number of studio art works based on their direction or theme. This year, we have twenty Grade 12 students who will be exhibiting their work. The Grade 11 students will also take part in this exhibition by helping the Grade 12 students display their work, and they will also be given the opportunity to exhibit two of their art works.
During the next month, we will be showcasing our artists in our weekly Newsletter along with one of their favourite art projects they have completed during this two-year course. I hope you enjoy reading the profiles of our budding artists.
This week we are highlighting Yerin Kim, Aria MacDonald and Sarah Hilborn.
Yerin Kim is from Seoul, South Korea and has attended KES since Grade 9 (4 years).
Yerin’s artwork choice is: Woman wearing a Hat (Gat) (Oil on Canvas)
I chose to share this oil painting because I feel that our traditional clothing in South Korea is very beautiful. I wanted to share the beauty with everyone. The pattern inside the hat is traditional flowers which has been used in clothing for centuries. I was exposed to the artist, Kehinde Wiley (he did the portrait of Obama), while working on my Comparative Study. I was inspired by his backgrounds in his paintings. His backgrounds highlight the main character. My interest in my work has been realism and my culture.
Future Plans: I plan to go to university in Canada.
Aria MacDonald is from Port Williams, Nova Scotia, and she has attended KES since Grade 7 (a lifer).
Aria’s artwork choice is Halifax Library (Transfer, Watercolours and Ink)
I chose to share this transfer because it showed a multi-media work and it gave me the opportunity to use different skills. Since I am going into architecture, I chose a local building which is the Halifax Library which is designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. One thing about this library, the interior and exterior are two different experiences which compliment each other.
Future Plans: I plan on pursuing Architecture.

Sarah Hilborn is from Falmouth, Nova Scotia, and she has been at KES since Grade 7 (a lifer).
Sarah’s artwork choice is Skyscraper (Transfer Drawing)
I chose this drawing to share because I liked the shape of the building with the reflective glass. The building is the ICA Building in Manhattan. I wanted to capture the different tones of the shading. This drawing inspired my other studio work including a chalk drawing.  I am interested in this style of architecture, Modern Cityscapes and Skyscrapers. The Canadian architect, Frank Gehry, was the inspiration for my Comparative Study.
Future Plans: I plan on attending Dalhousie University, in the Architecture programme.

Sandy Stewart
Visual Art:  Grades 8, 9 and 10
IB Visual Arts: Grade 11 and 12
KES Yearbook Advisor

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