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Junior School 2021 Poetry Competition

Poetry limbers up the imagination and is a true art form that packs emotional punch.  We saw first-hand the power of poetry at our Junior School Assembly on Wednesday, February 3rd when eight students from Grades 6 through 9 stepped forward to recite their favourite poems.  There was a range of styles and themes covering everything from love and life, to a “hockey player’s prayer”. You could hear a pin drop as students recited their chosen poems, making the audience laugh, smile, and think carefully about the messages conveyed.  The contestants would be the first to admit that it is not easy to stand and deliver in front of their peers, yet the experience is an invaluable one, characterized by risk-taking and confidence building. Each participant should be proud of their efforts.  While all the poetry finalists deserve congratulations, the judges chose Grade 6 student, Natalia Shaw, as the top poetry presenter for 2021.  With poise and confidence, Natalia delivered her poem “Life is Too Short to Worry” articulating with clarity a positive daily outlook and concluding with “…Life is a gift, don’t waste it.”  I personally congratulate and thank Vincent Armstrong, Isabella Barker, Jessica Etou, Hunter Hood, Maanvi Manchineni, Cooper Pape, Natalia Shaw and Nicholas Woods for sharing their passion with us and starting our day off in such a creative and thought-provoking way.

Taya Shields
Junior School Director

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