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Grade 12 Breakfast – Reflecting on the KES Experience

As our graduation ceremony and prize day draws closer (we’re already a week into June!?), the Alumni Office gathered the KES 2019 graduating class on May 30th for a late breakfast. The students enjoyed a delicious hot breakfast served by the Chartwells team, and they were all smiles as they sat down with music (curated by our Database Manager and resident DJ Juanita Giles) playing in the background.

For the Class of 2019, the morning was a chance to sleep-in and dress-down in their grad sweaters, while for our Office it was an opportunity to give the departing students a little gift and encourage them to begin to fill their class time capsule. By the end of the morning, the time capsule was bursting with the Class of 2019’s memories…memories that will surely be rediscovered with warm hearts and laughter when this year’s grads gather as Alumni for their first reunion!

While some grads brought pictures or small tokens (such as a Photo ID that didn’t seem entirely legitimate) to put in the time capsule, we also provided each with a short questionnaire asking them about their time at KES. With cheeky questions like, “What was the worst thing you got away with during your time at KES?” a rumble of whispers and nervous giggles infiltrated the dining hall while our (certainly perfectly behaved!) graduating class tried to decide whether to be honest with their answers or skirt the truth. More than one person seemed to be concerned it was all an elaborate ruse to get them to confess their worst infractions, but we promise it wasn’t—even though some of them didn’t even seal the envelopes we provided!

With a few last-minute stragglers writing as though they wanted to capture every moment of their KES experience on the 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, we sent the Class of 2019 off to class with a small gift: either an Edgehill Crest pendant or a King’s Crest tie clip. It was great to see how happy the grads were to receive the mementos of their soon-to-be alma mater. Now the struggle for the grads will be not to lose these little gifts before they cross the stage next week!

Sarah Mack
Advancement Administrative Assistant

Does this make you nostalgic for your days at KES? Stay in touch with us and each other.

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