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23rd Annual KES Intramural Tournament, May 2019

Girls' Singles
1st place: Qiaoman T.
2nd place: Sabine W.

Boys' Singles (Grade 9)
1st place: Lucas T.
2nd place: Mitchell L.

Boys' Singles (Grades 7 & 8)

1st place: Eric M. 
2nd place: Joe P.

Girls' Doubles
1st Place: Emily M. & Qiaoman T.
2nd Place: Jennifer L. & Jaewon W.

Boys' Doubles
1st place: Kris C. & Lucas T.
2nd place: Jason H. & Mitchell L.

Congratulations to all players!

Monday, March 25, 2019-Friday, March 29, 2019

Welcome back to School!
  • Practices begin at 2:40pm each day at the AC. Be on time
  • Bring your indoor footwear and your racquet
  • Wear sport clothes for practice (no jeans, no parts of your classroom uniform).
  • Recommended items: water bottle, protective eyewear
  • 3:30-4:30pm: Study in Mr. Hollett's or Mrs. Belliveau's room
Things you need--and need to know--in order to play badminton:
  • A badminton racquet: An important part of learning to play badminton is developing good hand-eye coordination. This will happen with practice, as you become more familiar with using a racquet. Having your own racquet will help with this process, and will give you the option of practising outside of practice time. A racquet for beginners typically costs between $20-30. Check with your parents and siblings who may have one that you can use. If you do not have a racquet for tomorrow's practice, don't worry; there will be some available for you to use. 
  • Protective eyewear is recommended

  • Indoor footwear: A pair of sneakers that will only be worn in the gym during practice time.
  • Sport clothes: You will be doing a lot of stretching, running, starting, stopping and turning (and sweating) as you warm up and play badminton; choose comfortable sport clothes— that means no jeans and no parts of your school uniform.
  • A water bottle is recommended
If you have some experience playing badminton and would like to represent King’s-Edgehill School in competitive play, we have good news for you:

District Qualifiers:

  • Thursday, March 28, 11:30am-6:00pm, Wolfville School, for Grades 7 & 8 players
  • Friday, March 29, 12pm-8:30pm, Northeast Kings Education Centre, Canning, for Grades 9 & 10 players
ACIS (Independent Schools) Tournament: Saturday, March 30, 8:00am-3:00pm, Sacred Heart School and Fountain Academy, Halifax. This tournament is a a fun way to test and strengthen your skills in a game situation. If you are interested in participating, speak with Mr. Hollett as soon as possible.

    Mr. Hollett and Mrs. Belliveau are looking forward to coaching you this season!

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    Badminton District Qualifiers (Grades 9 & 10)

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    ACIS Badminton Tournament

    Sacred Heart School
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      2018 - 2019
      Head Coach: Paul Hollett

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