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Team Detail

Monday, March 22-Friday, March 26, 2021

Welcome back to school and welcome to Junior Badminton.

Daily Practices:
2:40 pm: Be in the gym and ready to start practice
Phones will be collected at the start of practice or you can leave your phone in your locker/schoolbag in the classroom building.

3:40 pm: Study/Clubs time in Mr. Hollett's classroom or other classes

Here is what you will need for your sport (these details were mentioned in the last Junior School assembly before the March break, too):
  • A badminton racquet: You need your own personal badminton racquet. You should have your own racquet before the end of the first week. It does not need to be an expensive piece of equipment; a racquet for beginners will typically cost between $20-$30. Check with your parents/siblings; they may have a racquet that you can use. New racquets are available for purchase from the school at a cost of $25. Your parents will need to contact Mr. Hollett if you would like to have this billed to your school account.
  • Indoor footwear: A pair of sneakers that will only be worn in the gym during practice time.
  • Sport clothes: You will be doing a lot of stretching, running, starting, stopping and turning (and sweating) as you warm up and play badminton; choose comfortable sport clothes—no jeans, no parts of your school uniform.
  • A water bottle is recommended
  • Protective eyewear is recommended
If you would like to try competitive play against other schools this season, we may be able to arrange matches that will occur in April. Competitive play is a good way to sharpen and test your own skills, and to learn from other players.   

Mr. Hollett and Mrs. Belliveau are looking forward to seeing you on the badminton court on Monday!
Mr. Hollett and Mrs. Belliveau

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  • Junior Badminton

    2020 - 2021
    Head Coach: Paul Hollett

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