Artists of the Week

Each week, deserving artists who contribute to the artistic life of our School are featured. This week at assembly, we were pleased to recognize the dedication and enthusiasm of the four visual art students listed below.

Ezra Sasaki ‘26 has been a strong participant in the fine arts program this year, from his role in the Junior School musical, to his participation in music ensembles. He has been working hard in music class in preparation for the Spring Fling and his violin musicianship continues to develop. He is also a valued member of the bagpiping program, and we look forward to his continued participation for years to come. 

Mollybeth Dickinson '26 is an extremely able, creative and enthusiastic member of the Grade 9 visual arts class who takes a keen interest in art and is very passionate about her artwork. She has recently completed a very successful clay sculpture of a head (a bust) which is not an easy task. It first has to be sculpted, then cut in half to dig out the clay and then put it back together. This is the additive and subtractive method that is done with larger sculptures. Her drawing and painting skills are stellar, and well constructed and designed. Molly recently represented KES on team Nova Scotia at the Junior National Debate Tournament in Toronto, Ontario. Molly has shown immense growth in the past year and should celebrate the success of representing her province. Well done, Molly!

Isla Dove ‘27 is an extremely able, creative, and enthusiastic member of the Grade 8 visual arts class who takes a keen interest in all the arts. Her performance and passion is extraordinary. She is the first to arrive in class and the last to leave. Her projects this term have been very successful, well designed, and overall awesome! Isla has just completed her clay project, which is a clock, and it reminds me of Salvador Dali’s clock in the Persistence of Memory painting. Amazing work, Isla!!

Maanvi Manchineni ‘27 is a powerful artist. After having spent the day running track, she spent the evening of Friday, May 12 performing in our third Annual Dance Recital. Even during our dress rehearsal, Maanvi was back and forth between track and dance. She is a powerful dancer due to her variety in skill and passionate commitments. As a dance team member, Maanvi performed in two group routines and also shared a solo she choreographed. Her piece shared a love for dance and her love for those who support her. Her routine “Like I Can” was a message to her loved ones explaining that she will always be there for them. I am very happy with Maanvi’s performances and look forward to future dances with her.

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