Long Pond Invitational

On Tuesday, February 28, our young development hockey players hosted a one-day tournament featuring Armbrae Academy, Summit Academy (two teams), Halifax Grammar School, Sacred Heart, and of course, our KES Highlanders. We knew we would be in tough versus some teams, but we came excited and ready to roll.
9:00 am vs. Summit I – Summit’s best team came shooting out of the gate and were up by two goals halfway through the game. Undaunted, we worked feverishly, and Hugo Montgomery ‘27 notched our first marker with 6:10 remaining on the clock. By the end we could not manage to pot another and lost this match by one.
10:15 vs. Sacred Heart – We knew we had a better chance in this game but also knew it would be a challenge. The game was hotly contested, and we ended up taking this one by a score of 2-1. Altyn Hood ‘29 scored our first and Ali MacLean ‘27 tipped home the winner with 2:09 left on the clock!  This put us second in our division and on to face the first team in the other division, Halifax Grammar, in the semi final.
Semi Final vs. Halifax Grammar School – Very pleased to have a shot to be in the final, our players were revved up before the game. As promised, this match was a barnburner! Jack Shearer ‘29 scored our first goal with a beauty top-corner shot from the point to open the scoring. Grammar pushed back hard and knotted the score at one with 2:50 remaining. The battle throughout the last few minutes solved nothing. Both teams’ shooters missed their first shots in the shootout. Grammar also missed their second as Jacob Edgecombe ‘27 stood very tall in goal. This allowed Hugo Montgomery the opportunity to make a great deke which enabled him to lift the puck over the goaltender to seal our trip to the final game at 3:00 pm.
Final vs. Summit I – Facing the team we lost to first thing in the morning, we knew we could complete.  That said, our bodies said “no” when our minds said “go”.  Because of this, we were outworked to start the game and were down by 4 goals very quickly.  Final score 10-3 Summit.
A well-earned second place in the 2023 Long Pond Invitational!  What a great day for our junior kids at the rink!!
Sandy Forsyth
Senior School Faculty
Development Hockey & Prep Baseball Coach

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