Grade 6 Art Class

It was such an honour to work with the Grade 6 art class over the past month. We focused on working with acrylic paints on a wooden canvas incorporating twine to add a 3D dimension to make their lines and curves pop. I was amazed at how every student took their time to create an artistic vision for their art piece. They started by first drawing their concepts in their sketch books and then began painting their wooden canvas. Its was amazing to witness how they all journeyed through mixing colours and learning to focus on slowly and lightly moving their brush to strengthen their curves and lines allowing the thought of their painting to come alive. Once their painting was complete, they glued on twine and shaded paint on top to add accents to their focal points. Some students saw the image and were direct the whole way through while others really pushed themselves to overcome the frustrating parts which built their confidence in their capability with art. Each student, when finished completing their art piece, was quite proud. Way to go Grade 6 students! You created a fabulous class gallery of art.

Kara Lister Wade
Fine Arts Teacher

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